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What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai (more commonly known as Thai Boxing) is where the pairs of feet, fist, elbows and knees are used in combat. It is the most effective form of stand-up fighting and combat sport. Instead of running mindlessly on the treadmill, Muay Thai is contact and resistance training, plus serious cardio training.

You are constantly hitting something: bags, focus mitts, Thai pads. This type of training is an emotional release as well as developing the mind body and spirit. Fit to Fight, Fight for Fitness.

Complete inclusivity for all ranges of ages and abilities!

When do we train? 

We will be training on Fridays, 2-3 every week. As well as this we are looking to set up a circuits and strength & conditioning sessions in our sponsor Snap Fitness' gym at least once a week too- depending on popularity. We will be looking to do Fitness only sessions too and that will be set up ASAP. That will entitle you to come along to the sessions in Snap Fitness weekly- or as many times as we run them! 

What will you need to bring?

All equipment is provided (gloves, shin guards and pads). As we train barefoot, trainers are not required! Just bring some sportswear and lots of water!

What does my membership include?

Membership includes weekly training sessions with qualified expert coach Johnny Boon who trained and fought in Thailand for the most part of his life!

You will also be able to come along to the strength and fitness sessions held in Snap Fitness, that will be training our body up to be fighting fit! As well as this we are looking to host events and regular socials, so that we can get to know our team mates in and out of the gym!

Are we Accessible? 

The venue that we train at currently, is not wheelchair or disability friendly. If you would like to try Muay Thai in a way that suits you, let us know! We are open to anyone and everyone from any background or stage in life! Please send us an email if you wish to inquire further. 

What if I have more questions?

Email us at

Or shoot us a message on our facebook page!

Our Products

Please note prices include the stitching of the university emblem and sports team stickering.                                                        

              Training Jersey Core - £17.00









We are proud to be sponsored by: Snap Fitness!

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Snap Fitness is a 24/7 gym, a short walk from the LSBU Southwark Campus. They are a perfect gym to get fighting fit for Muay Thai, and are offering LSBU Muay Thai members a discounted student membership to their monthly membership rate. 

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