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LSBU Kart Club is a club dedicated to giving students from London South Bank the opportunity to try something new and get involved in motorsport racing, one of the most daring and adrenalin fuelled sports you will ever compete in. Racing activities vary from competing in our LSBU club championship races at indoor kart tracks, to competing against other university students in the British University Karting Championship at some of the best circuits in the UK. We welcome all levels of drivers from complete beginners to experienced drivers. If you want to have ago at what it is like to be a race driver, don't hesitate to get in contact and find out how you can get involved.


This entitles you to discounts on social, automotive events and race entry discounts throughout the year.

Training Sessions & Driver Tuition

We offer a driver tuition service with an experienced driver to coach drivers to improve their driving skills and confidence on track. We are here every step of the way to help you become a champion driver. Throughout each month we will host practise meetings for anyone to attend, the perfect opportunity to get more seat time outside of a competitive racing environment. 

At these practise session events there will be driver tuition available or if you specifically want private one to one driver tuition contact us to find out more information. We try to host at least two of these sessions a month at different indoor tracks, however if there is more demand for them we will organise more practise events for drivers. If this is something of interest to you email us to find out more.

LSBU Kart Club Championship

Our own kart championship just for LSBU students to compete against one another at various arrive and drive tracks across the UK competing to win the championship. A great opportunity for new people in motorsport racing to compete in a less serious and competitive environment, enabling drivers to work on their driving skills and gain the confidence they need if they want to compete in one of the BUKC championships. If you are a non member of LSBU Karting Society and compete in the championship rounds, you will not be eligible for points.

Championship Dates:

Round 1: November 7th - Teamsport London Docklands 

Round 2: December 5th - Teamsport North London Edmonton

Round 3: January 30th - Teamsport South London Mitcham

Round 4: February 27th - Teamsport Tower Bridge 

Round 5: March 27th - Teamsport West London Acton

Kart Festival Race: April/May - MSA Track to be confirmed


The British University Kart Championship is the fastest, most intense and adrenalin fuelled sport you will ever compete in at university. Teams from universities all across the UK come together to race on the fastest fleet of arrive and drive 2-stroke karts in the world on some of the most physical and technical tracks in the country!

To find out more about the bukc click on the website link below.

Link: https://www.bukc.co.uk

Premier Championship

It is a championship for drivers with previous racing experience and universities who have been competing in the championship in previous years. To enter into this championship the team must compete in a qualifying round to be eligible to compete in the championship. This championship also cost more per team and has eight rounds in the race season but complete in a double header per day of the four day bukc race season, competing in a sprint race and endurance race.

Intermediate Championship

It is a championship for teams and drivers that are new or inexperienced to entering the BUKC, the championship is contested by teams of four drivers per kart across four rounds over four single days between February and April each year.

Rookies Series

The teams who are not fast enough to race or do not compete in the qualifiers/intermediate championship will race in the rookie series, run on the same day as the intermediate championship. This is for individual drivers nto competing for a team and drivers who do not achieve a Bukc license on one of the test days. If by the end of a race meeting, a rookie driver is within a decent lap time and driving to a safe standard of racing they will be awarded their Bukc license. They will be eligible to race in their premier or intermediate championship team from that point onwards. New members that join half way through the season can participate in the rookies championship to obtain their bukc license. Once they have their license they can then join one of LSBU's university teams to race in the premier or intermediate championship.

Championship Dates:

Test Day 1: Tuesday 23rd October: Whilton Mill

Test Day 2: Thursday 1st November: Buckmore Park

Test Day 3: Thursday 15th November: Whilton Mill

Qualifiers 1: Friday 16th November: Whilton Mill

Qualifiers 2: Saturday 17th November: Whilton Mill

Pre Championship Test Day 1: Sunday 27th January: Buckmore Park (afternoon)

Pre Championship Test Day 2: Friday 1st February: Buckmore Park (all day)

Premier Rds 1 & 2: Wednesday 13th February: Buckmore Park

Intermediates & Rookies Rd 1: Thursday 14th February: Buckmore Park

Premier Rds 3 & 4: Tuesday 5th March: Wigan

Intermediates & Rookies Rd 2: Wednesday 6th March: Wigan

Premier Rds 5 & 6: Saturday 16th March: Llandow

Intermediates & Rookies Rd 3: Sunday 17th March: Llandow

Premier Rds 7 & 8: Friday 5th April: Whilton Mill

Intermediates & Rookies Rd 4 + Extra Testing: Saturday 6th April: Whilton Mill

Drivers Championship: Sunday 7th April: Whilton Mill

24 Hour Race: Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd June: Teeside Autodrome 

Social Events

Away from the competitiveness of racing and a chance to let your hair down, LSBU Kart Club will host a variety of socials throughout the year, anything from nights out in the local pubs and clubs to battling it out on the bowling lanes. We also attend events which the SU hold during the week such as union after dark.

Automotive and Motorsport Trips

If you are a fan of attending car events or watching motorsport racing including spending time at the track watching the likes of GT racing, drifting, rally and much more! LSBU Kart Club will be organising trips to attend car events and motorsport viewing events throughout the year. (Dates of events to be announced soon).

The type of trips to expect:

  • WEC
  • Rallycross
  • Drifting
  • Drag racing
  • A range of Formula race events such as formula ford, GP2 etc.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about LSBU Karting Society you can contact us by the following means:

Team Hoodies

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