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The LSBU Law Society exists to enhance the experience of law and non-law students by exposing you to career options and providing opportunities within but not limited to the legal sector.


  • LSBU Law Society Student Membership£5.00
  • LSBU Law Society Staff & Alumni Membership£8.00
More events coming soon

The LSBU Law Society is one of the biggest societies on campus and hosts many events in collaboration with the Law Department. Here is a snippet of what else we offer our members:

  • To ensure that every law/non-law member will be given the opportunity to learn more about Law outside of academia.
  • To expand our members' network circles amongst students as well as the alumni network, and to meet each other both socially and have mutual support during events and socials.
  • To help build and improve your CV by partaking and assisting with events held by the society.
  • To ensure that members can gain insight into the different routes into law.
  • To widen the scope of opportunity for our members by making sure exclusive events, socials and competitions are brought to our members' attention.

We have various activities planned throughout the year ranging from career events and social events.

Make sure you watch this space and follow both our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts as we have some exciting events lined up this year!

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Please use the link below to register/re-register using your LSBU email address and student ID and if you have any questions, please do email us.


Grebin Cherian

LSBSU Law Society President



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