Society for those studying (or has an interest in) mechanical engineering, and specific interest in motorsports


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LSBU Motorsport is a society geared mainly towards Mechanical Engineering students, who wants to apply their new found knowledge in an automotive environment. The objective of LSBU Motorsport is to design & build a track day racing car and take part in the yearly Formula Student Competition organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). The core team attending the competition will be made up of mainly engineering students with a number of students from other courses who may have contributed to the project as much as the core society members.

Formula Student (FS) is an international competition with the panel of judges coming from the international automotive industry. As such, the teams taking part are scrutinised and treated as professionals and their respective vehicles have to undergo extensive and rigorous testing for it to be able to take part fully in the competition.

Thus FS attracts career focused, enthusiastic, bright and driven individuals, who have come together as a team at their respective universities in order to take part in FS. It is a huge learning experience, regardless of the respective disciplines of the team members. FS competition encompasses all the facets of engineering, from designing and manufacturing to business plans, resource management and sustainability issues. This enables people with different skill sets to find their own niche within the Motorsport society.

LSBU Motorsport society is not for leisure. It is for students who likes a challenge. So if you're an engineer or if you have a passion for cars or most importantly, if you are eager to learn new things, then LSBU Motorsport might be for you.


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2016 Formula Student Car


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