What is the Student IT Committee?

The Student IT Committee is a joint University and SU project to bring student voice into the very heart of IT here at South Bank. The Committee meets to discuss a range of topics from future large IT/digital projects, to reflecting on the current digital offer and experience. The Comittee is new and its scope is large and guided by the interests and skills of its members and the project pipeline of the University. The represents a unique and powerful voluntary role to shape the digital experience of students here at South Bank.

Not only will there be the core meetings, but there will also be the chance to work/follow specific projects, be a part of procurement negotiations and be a test group for new ideas and innovations - it's guided by you.

What are the benefits?

The Student IT Commitee is a voluntary role and any work you do as part of the Committee will count towards volunteer hours for both the SU volunteer scheme and the University H.E.A.R accreditation. You'll also be offered bespoke training to ensure you are fully equipped to make informed decisions. On top of that, if you have the knowledge and passion you could be allowed to work on the development on ideas on the ground too! If that wasn't enough, you'll also be working in the knowledge that you are part of something new which is putting students and the core of the University's IT teams and systems.

Can I be on the Committee?

Anyone can be on the Student IT Commitee. Whether you are a tech guru or a technophobe, all voices are welcomed and encouraged on the Committee. We want to ensure that we get a well-rounded undestanding of LSBU students and their wants/needs when it comes to IT.


If you have any other questions email respco@lsbsu.org

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