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Welcome to the Rep's Hub Online, a resource for Union Reps across the University to access and gain necessary skills, knowledge, and information to increase their effectiveness. The aim of the Union's Reps system is to empower our members, to get the best student experience possible, through ensuring they have a strong voice within the University, Union, and the wider world.

PresidentMessage from the President

Congratulations on being elected as a Course Rep, you join the largest single community on campus, who are all focussed on ensuring reprsenting the academic interests of students at London South Bank University. Over your year in office, you'll have the opportunity to influence and change the world around you, and this Course Rep Hub is filled with resources and information to help you achieve as much as you can in your role.

Don't forget that as your senior elected representatives, the full-time sabbatical officers are here to support you. If you want to get in touch with us feel free to email us by clicking on any of our faces below - Good luck! We're proud to have you as part of our team!


Nelly Kibirige - President: London South Bank Students' Union

 Sodiq Akinbade photo  Patricia Godwin  Samantha Robson Photo  Kat Colangelo photo

Nelly Kibirige


 Sajjad Hossain

VP: Education

 Samantha Robson

VP: Welfare & Equalities


 Kat Colangelo

VP: Activities & Employability


Useful Contacts


To help us find the right person for you please email course.reps@lsbsu.org



Applied Sciences

Prof. Patrick Callaghan | Dean | callagp3@lsbu.ac.uk

Dr. Anthony Moss | DESE | mossac@lsbu.ac.uk

Ms Sharon Holmes | SEA | holmess@lsbu.ac.uk

Arts & Creative Industries

Prof. Janet Jones | Dean | janetjones@lsbu.ac.uk

Dr. Jenny Owen | DESE | owenjs@lsbu.ac.uk

Mr Richard Fenn | SEA | fennr2@lsbu.ac.uk

Built Environment & Architechture

Prof. Charles Egbu | Dean | egbuc@lsbu.ac.uk

 | DESE |

Mr James Pang | SEA | pangj@lsbu.ac.uk


Prof. Mike Molan | Dean | molanm@lsbu.ac.uk

Mrs Sarah Moore-Williams | DESE | moorewis@lsbu.ac.uk

Ms Nicola Hallas | SEA | hallasn@lsbu.ac.uk


Prof. Asa Hilton Barber | Dean |  barbera8@lsbu.ac.uk

Prof. Shushma Patel | DESE | shushma@lsbu.ac.uk

Mr Andrew Casey | SEA | caseya2@lsbu.ac.uk

Health & Social Care

Prof. Warren Turner | Dean | turnerw@lsbu.ac.uk

Mrs Noreen Sinclair | DESE | sinclana@lsbu.ac.uk

Ms Anisa Salim | SEA | anisa.salim@lsbu.ac.uk

Law & Social Sciences

Prof. Craig Barker | Dean | craig.barker@lsbu.ac.uk

Ms Vanessa Beever | DESE | beeverv@lsbu.ac.uk

Ms Caroline Russell | SEA | russellc9@lsbu.ac.uk

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