At London South Bank Students' Union, we know that female students can often have different experiences and challenges during their time at university. You can find out more about the opportunities and support available to female students below.


Your Women's Officer


Women's Officer

Sophia Olorenshaw




Hi I'm Sophia Olorenshaw. The Women’s Officer role exists to represent all those students who identify as women. My role is part of Union Council, the SUs main decision-making body to ensure that the voice of women is being heard. The role aims to deliver campaigns and events throughout the year to build a supportive and proud community of South Bank’s women.

Feminism seems to have become a hot topic in mainstream media in the last few years. With Weinstein and the #TimesUp campaign, alongside the gender pay gap publications, controversial women's tennis and success of women's football, it seems that women's equality has yet to be achieved.

I am a current third year marketing student, I really believe LSBU has a wealth of support networks available to women students and these should be advertised and developed to enhance the university experience for women. As women's officer I will work with LSBU to extend and defend the rights for all women. I want to be accessible and would welcome any student contacting me, and love hearing ideas for how we can create a more inclusive community at LSBU so please do get in touch!


Sophia's Campaigns


I will work with the University and VP Welfare to ensure that there are not only the correct policies in place to deal with incidents of sexual harassment and sexism, but also that these are advertised sufficiently to students to ensure they know where they can turn when they need to. I want to work with the University towards enabling anonymous reporting and eventually retrospective reporting where possible.
As Women's Officer I want to promote the facilities and support networks available to women more throughout the University so female students are more aware of what is available to them. I will also raise awareness of issues that might face women at University to promote a more equal environment.
Does a demand exist for free sanitary products at LSBU? I am well aware that periods are not only costly and a strain on an already stretched student budget but can also come at inconvenient times and should not be the reason female students are missing class. I will research current students to assess whether this affects studies and will look at the feasibility of getting free sanitary products provided by University.




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