Samantha Robson

Samantha Robson

Vice President Welfare & Equalities

My Manifesto

A Better Union for Everyone. Hello, my name is Samantha Robson, I am currently a second year Film studies student and I would like to be your next Vice President Welfare&Equalities Officer. While university is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and learn new things, it is easy to get bogged down by assignments, exams and the stress of being in a new environment. I know this better than most and I am dedicated to making this union a safe and fun space for EVERYONE. If I am elected I hope to make some significant changes not only in issues of student welfare, but to ensure that LSBSU is as prosperous as it possibly can be: 'Animal Therapy Initiative': Trained therapy animals would aid students in an effort to destress. Free cancer screening for ALL students and staff for- Testicular/Breast/Cervical/Prostate cancers. Mental health awareness and support is my number one priority; weekly mindfulness sessions, have specified areas of the university devoted to a positive state of mind and I am also looking into the logistics of a Night-time advice service on campus to ensure no-one falls through the cracks, especially at night. I also aim to work with my other full time officers to work on these key issues: Getting The Venue bar, back into the hands of the union itself, Organise weekly activities to cater to all students throughout the day, rather than being focused on students who live nearby on an evening, Negotiating a deal to ensure FREE printing for all students.

What I have to say?

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