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Nazene Smout

Hi I’m Nazene, I am the Student Union Council Chair and member of the Universities board of Governors for 2018/19. This is one of the many voluntary roles within the Students’ Union and, as such, I am still a student here at South Bank.  

My role as Union Council Chair is focused mainly on ensuring a democratic and student-focused Students’ Union. Union Council is made up of all the elected Full-Time and Part-Time Officer roles and I am there to ensure that meeting does what it is supposed to do - discussing ideas and campaigns to make South Bank the best it can be for its students and to ensure the Officers hold each other to account.

As a University Governor I sit at the very top of the University meeting structure ensuring that students are kept at the very heart of the University’s plans for the future.


Nazene's Campaigns


I want to be a strong and positive influence within the Students’ Union. I will be fully committed to my appointment and involvement in all matters concerning the lives of students and the University as a whole. I want to create an atmosphere that promotes democracy ,inclusion and freedom to express opinions through an open door policy to the Union’s democratic processes.
I want to be a voice that helps guide the SU and University towards one of the key demands from students which is jobs and employability. As Union Chair and Governor I want to make sure that shaping the student experience to meet the needs for future employment is a core tenant of the SU.
I want to make sure that current and future student voices are not left out of discussion at Union Council or at the University's Board of Governors. As a current student myself I will work hard to make sure both the SU and University continue to work for their students.

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