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Hello! I am Hattie, and I am your Sports Chair for this academic year! Even if you only participate in sport by watching it then you still can be as excited about sport at LSBU this year as I am…! We have lots of new and exciting changes that I am so looking forward to working on this year.

I am a 3rd year Politics Student and have taken part in sports a LSBU for all three of my years here. I ran for Sports Chair because I am passionate about seeing Sports develop here and Sports is where I have found my community, and I hope to see more people join this community too!

My role involves supporting all the sports teams and their committee members in achieving their goals for their teams throughout the year as well as running Sports related campaigns for the student body. I run a monthly forum for all the teams, and I pass on their thoughts to Union Council and the VP Activities.

Feel free to contact me via the email below if you have any questions, ideas or want to find out more about what I do here at LSBU!


Hattie's Campaigns


I want to work hard this year to increase the profile of Sport to help teams increase their membership. In particular using the “This Girl Can” campaign to champion our women sports teams, so that they can boost their membership and give the guys a run for their money! I want to encourage Students of all ages, courses and locations to get involved wherever and whenever they can to keep us a fit and fun University as we offer not only competitive sport but also social sport which we need more students to realise and get involved in!
Varsity is one of the biggest events in the Sporting calendar for our Sports members, but it seems to be South Bank’s biggest secret!The challenge ahead is to get the University and Student’s Union coordinate on the communication before, during and after Varsity so that as many students as possible know about it! We need even more students to join in, take part, support our teams and beat Middlesex!! I want be having a real celebration this year for our students WHEN WE WIN on campus and put Varsity on the map!
I want to work together with other Full Time and Part Time officers to include students that perhaps feel isolated or that they have no connection to LSBU, apart from coming into learn, then go home again. I want to focus on our mature students and students that live in halls. Both of these groups can experience University as a lonely place, and I truly believe that if we give these students a helping hand, then LSBU can become a welcoming community that they do have a part to play in... literally.

Sports at LSBSU


The Union runs loads of sports clubs for students to get involved in. 

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