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Kishan Patel 





Hello! I am Kishan, and I am your Societies Chair for this academic year! I hope you get involved with at least one society throughout the year - be it your academic society, a general interest society or, even better, starting a society of your own. I am so looking forward to working with the societies and committees to make a change this year.

I am a 3rd-year Data Science Student and and I started up LSBU Hindu Society when I arrived and have been active committee member ever since. I ran for Societies Chair because I am passionate about seeing societies develop here by supporting the committees through the common problems that we face as student leaders of our society and sharing ideas.

My role involves supporting all the committees and their committee members in achieving their goals for their societies throughout the year. I run a monthly Societies Forum where all the society committees come together to share ideas, any issues and where we can vote to allow new societies into the LSBSU family. I also have a seat and a vote at Union Council to ensure that societies’ voices are kept at the heart of the Students’ Union’s democracy.

Feel free to contact me via the email below if you have any questions, ideas or want to find out more about what I do here at LSBU!


Kishan's Campaigns


I would like to change the structure of how society forum is run on a monthly basis, I want to make sure it is an informal place where societies can engage and freely discuss issues with me and give them guidance on how to utilise the resources that are available to them. I hope by that the time I have completed my term all the societies have attended at least two meetings chaired by myself.
I want to ensure that we create a family feeling within LSBSU. This to be done by promoting what the other full time and part time officers may be doing and encouraging societies to help them with their campaigns so that there are more collaborations and societies work together throughout the year.
I would like to promote and celebrate the diversity that we have at this University by creating a cultural fair. This will be a place where different society groups can be represented and showcase their culture and identity. I’d love to see this as a massive celebration and hope to make a lasting legacy for many years to come.

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