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Rishika Pattni 




Hi! I’m Rishika and I’ll be the R.A.G. Chair for 2018/19!

What is R.A.G.? R.A.G. means Raising and Giving, its aim is to raise as much money as possible for charitable causes through any way we can. Whether it’s the smallest of bake sales or raising thousands of pounds for big challenge events such as climbing Kilimanjaro, R.A.G. is is the way to do it. My role as R.A.G. Chair is to make sure that R.A.G. goes from strength to strength and keeps smashing those targets.

So far LSBU’s R.A.G. has been a little hit and miss depending on the year, therefore one of my main aims for the next academic year is to make R.A.G. well known and spoken about throughout the University so that it can continue to grow sustainably for years to come. Having been an active member of R.A.G. last year I now want to help steer the ship and bring my passion as a member to the R.A.G. Chair role. I’ll be making sure our current members remain super active and to look for new members to help us raise as much money as we can for charity.

As I am going into my final year of study I  want to make a notable contribution and achievement during what’s left of my time here, so what better way than to raise awareness for raising and giving for great causes!


Rishika's Campaigns


RAG is amazing but we need to get the word out more. I am very keen this year to make sure that every student will have seen or heard about RAG by the end of the academic year. I will do this through more advertising and notices via the SU and University communication streams.
To raise thousands you need a team that could rival the Avengers. I want to make sure we make the most of our current members by having more frequent meetings and social events. I also want to make sure that Fresher’s isn’t the only time we recruit new members, and will work with the SU to find new ways to get members year-round.


Find out more about R.A.G. here






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