Temi Ahmadu - President

Abdi Osman

Contact Temi: temi@lsbsu.org | 020 7815 6081

The Students' Union President guides the strategic and political direction of the Union, and ensures everything we do is relevant for students.

Temi works with a number of key stakeholders including the Students' Union's Trustees and the University's Board of Governors to ensure the Union and students are properly represented.

The President also acts as the Union's lead Officer, representing students both inside and outside of LSBU, ensuring the positive reputation of the Students' Union is enhanced and upheld.


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Temi's Officer Blog

Temi's Blog - December

Fri 13 Jan 2017

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Temi's Blog - Sept/Oct

Mon 07 Nov 2016

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First President Blog of 2016

Tue 16 Aug 2016

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Temi's Manifesto

As Presidents there are many things I plan on doing, such as:?

  • Take lead on representing the university and the union both internally and externally at national level.
  • Raise awareness of the union, what we do and what we have to offer students
  • Helping you as students to understand that your voice is our great concern and we are there to help you have the best experience you can.
  • To build a bigger community at LSBU by getting the Union to work closer with the University to tackle students’ biggest problems.
  • Work closely with the University to reduce the levels of student drop outs and increase levels of student engagement at the university.