At London South Bank Students' Union, we know that international students can often have different experiences and challenges during their time at university. You can find out more about the opportunities and support available to international students below.


Your International Students Officer


International Students Officer

Md Rabbi




Hi, I am Md Rabbi, International Students’ Officer for London South Bank Student’s Union. My role exsists to create a real social and supportive community at LSBU for its international students. I am an international student and so I know what it’s like and am really passionate about making South Bank great for those students who have chosen it to be their new home. The International Students’ Officer is a part time voluntary role with the Students’ Union meaning I am still a student and do this in my free time. The role makes up the 21 positions on Union Council, the main decision-making group of the Union and its my job to make sure the voice of international students is being heard at Union Council and beyond.


Md's Campaigns


First of all, I need all of your support and help to create an environment in our university where international students will feel like a home student. I want to work with as many of you as possible to find ways of making South Bank a great place to be for every student, no matter where they have come from. There are thousands of international students at South Bank and I would like to see more social and cultural events happening so that we can all share our home cultures with our new student home.
Work placements can be hard to find as an international student and can be complicated with visas, I want to work hard with the University to make sure international students have the best information available to help make this as smooth and easy as possible.
I want to make the financials for international students as clear and well supported as possible as often there are additional costs that we only find out about once we land.

Cultural Societies


The Union runs many cultural societies, but if you don't find the right one, you can always start your own.


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