Sodiq Akinbade - Vice President Education

Temi Ahmadu

Your VP Education takes the lead on developing and improving the quality of education and the student experience at LSBU, based on your feedback and the work of Course Reps.


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Sodiq's Officer Blog

Sodiq's Blog - December

Fri 13 Jan 2017

Exams are around the corner find out how I've been making it easier for you to prepareRead More

Sodiq's Blog - Sep/Oct

Mon 07 Nov 2016

A catch up on what Sadiq has been up to since the start of the year.Read More

First VP Education Blog of 2016

Tue 16 Aug 2016

Hi, I'm Sadiq and I'll be representing you on all of your educational mattersRead More


Sodiq's Manifesto

If elected, I will focus on ensuring a student-focused university by:

Debugging the Student Experience – The changes to our academic lives hold a lot of potential, but new issues due to these changes are appearing every day. I will listen to students and ensure senior management are aware of issues, and work in partnership with the university to ensure a quick and fair resolution

Listen again. Again – Students don’t consistently have access to listen again, with a lot of disparity between Schools. All students should be able to have access to listen again for studying, and I will lobby to ensure this is a long term goal.

24hr library. - Again this is one of the most obvious problems the university has to resolve immediately so as to be able to compete with other top universities in the country. in order to have a very good and educational focused experience in the university, the uni library needs to be open 24hrs on weekdays at least for student access. it doesn't have to be examination period before we study hard for exams!

Tired of your reading materials being pale, male and stale? - Depending on your subject, your reading list might be a sausage fest! Campaigning to have more women, LGBT, black and disabled authors in your module hand-out will ensure a more diverse range of ideas and knowledge in our education, which has short and long term benefits.

Continue building on the success of the Academic Rep Development Scheme and look at making reps more accountable through elections.

More integrated placement schemes to boost the employment prospects of students in every faculty