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Hey, I am Sajjad Hossain, your Vice President: Education. South Bank is a community, a community of Students and Staff, University and Students’ Union, who can only move forward through teamwork and dedication. I will work tirelessly to make sure that each and every student has a voice at LSBU, be they in Southwark, Havering or part of the wider “family”. I will ensure a working lecture capture system is in learning spaces across campus. I will work with the University to bring a real solution for timetabling problems that works for all.

Another key area I will be focussing on hidden course costs. Hidden course costs can mean anything from unexpected professional association joining fees to costly materials. These “hidden” costs also impact those students out on placement who have to find additional money to travel to their placements or those students who may struggle to raise the funds for key trips. Anonymous marking will also play a part in my work. I am aiming for anonymous marking to become standard for all written assessments ensuring our students are being marked fairly and impartially. Continuing on the theme of feedback, I am passionate about more detailed and useful feedback across the 7 schools. My aim this year is to improve the quality of the feedback for students studying a London South Bank University course.


Sajjad's Campaigns


To discuss with students the importance of first year progression, allowing students to care for their Academic side and to publicize the academic services available, making sure our students are well prepared for the exams and coursework for 2nd and 3rd year and understand their free time. When I was doing my degree, I came to know that first year does not count. I stopped focusing on my academic experience, which led to a re-sit. This is not only relevant to me but several of my friends and other South Bank students. Therefore, the idea is to educate students on why their first year is important, so that they do not have to re-sit. Re-sitting can be very stressful, unnecessary and a waste of time. The campaign will be about promoting the academic services and Union services, which are on offer to students. I would like students to take advantage of their first year by using the free library service (Harvard style referencing/ academic writing/ report writing), the LRC (Excel/ PowerPoint) and job shop skills (interview skills/ CV writing). I would also like students to take advantage of their free time by using the Union services such as sports, societies and volunteering. This will help their social skills and employability skills. I would like them to get involved in the Union from their first year. This will hopefully reduce the amount of resits and increase students’ involvement with all these services.
I am aiming to resolve the issue- unexpected professional association joining and exam fees, those placement students have to dish out extra cash to travel to their placements, or that ‘optional’ field trips rule out poor students.
I am aiming for anonymous marking for all written assessment to assure our students that our marking process are fair and impartial. It will protect staff from accusations of unfairness and discrimination. It will contribute to legal obligations to promote equality.
My aim this year is to improve the assessment and feedback of students studding on London South Bank University courses.

Read more in my Officer Report

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