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Hey, I’m Kat Colangelo, your re-elected Vice President of Activities. During my time at LSBU, I was a member of netball, trampolining, and the sustainability society. In addition, I was a team leader for RAG where my team raised £18k and climbed Kilimanjaro for charity. This knowledge of activities allowed me to build a strong base for societies, sports and volunteering. Since being in this role, I’ve built a robust relationship with the Senior Management Board of the University, Employability Department, Sustainability Department and most importantly, you, the students.

I re-ran because I am passionate about developing all LSBU activities and linking these to employability skills. I want to accomplish so much this year but I wouldn’t be able to do it without students! So add me on Facebook, drop me a message or an email and get involved in improving LSBU for not only yourself but for all students.


Kat's Campaigns


£4,000 was left in the society funding pot last year because societies didn't apply for funding. After speaking with the Society Guild, we believe this is because societies didn't know about the application process and wasn't sure about how much they could apply for. Therefore the solution which I will be working on will be to divide the Society Funding Pot into smaller pots which specific societies can apply for.
Confirmed the two types of Society funding pots (New Society funding pot / Big Events funding pot) 23/07/18
Discuss with Activities about the campaign/ funding options 06/07/18
In my first year as VP Activities, I spoke to the student leaders of sports about what they would like to achieve by being a sports team. This led to the outcome that the Students' Union would be running sports by September 2018. This is because the Students' Union can focus on building students employability skills and personal development. Since winning the election, I am incredibly happy to announce we will be running sports from September 2018 and we have thus hired a dedicated experienced sports coordinator. We will now be planning on the employability skills and personal development skills of our sports members.
First Aid training days confirmed! 3rd and 4th October 12pm - 8pm! 01/08/18
First Aid Kits Arrived! 31/07/18
Funding / Budget for sports to be approved by the Finance Committee next week. 30/07/18
Attending BUCS conference and gaining insight into Mass Participation, Mental Health and Fitness and Breaking Down Barriers in Sports. 13/07/18
Meeting with the Sports Coordinator about First Aid training and offering it for FREE to our sports members 09/07/18
Meeting with Head of Activities and Sports Coordinator about the recognition program for our sports teams 05/07/18
As a Students' Union, I believe we should be supporting our student groups to do more and be better. I would like to work on training our student leaders throughout the year about how they could be interacting with their current members and gaining new members. I believe once our student leaders are trained we should motivate them by using incentives like the Awards Dinner, our recognition scheme, Freshers.
Meeting with the Alumni department about what they can offer for sports and societies to help increase the offering from and resources of these groups. 02/08/18
Discussing our Awards Dinner and what that will look like in 2019 23/07/18
Discussing with the Activities Department about what training we would like to offer before the first term 23/07/18
Meeting with Head of Activities and Sports Coordinator about the recognition program for our sports teams and societies 05/07/18
My first year as Vice President Activities, I saw the immense benefit of student leader forums. By speaking to the student leaders monthly I heard their issues and we came up to solutions TOGETHER. I would like to hold an end of year Activities Forum where all students can attend. In this Activities Forum we would discuss issues and come up with solutions that we can all work on.
Pitch the idea to the Activities Department. 23/07/18
Have a pencilled in date for the LSBSU Activities Forum. 23/07/18
There are incredible benefits to being a student leader for an activity. I would like to work closely with the Employability Department about connecting employability skills with LSBSU activities. This would be by attending events, fairs and tailoring workshops to our student groups.
Creating an Activity and Employability Workshop 31/07/18
Confirmed an LSBSU stall at the term 1 careers fairs to promote the employability benefits of LSBU Activities. 17/07/18
Over 5 years RAG has been up and down in terms of the number of students involved and the total raised for charity. Last year RAG had a reboot and raised £36,000 for charity with over 30 students involved. This year, I would like to work with the RAG Chair to create a RAG Committee who can lead RAG. I would like to raise a minimum of £50,000 and have over 50 students involved in challenges, events and bucket raids.
Putting together the Activities Annual Calendar with RAG events included 23/07/18
Ordering a card machine for RAG members to use during events and stalls 16/07/18
Embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the Students' Union 05/07/18
Making sure RAG is embedded into the societies and sports recognition schemes 05/07/18

Read more in my Officer Report

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