Kat Colangelo

Kat Colangelo

VP: Activities and Employability

My Manifesto

Helping you define your future

I’m Kat Colangelo and I am a third year international tourism, hospitality and leisure management student. I am running to be your vice president of activities and employment. In my years at this university, I have been a part of many societies, sports clubs and volunteering work. In my final year, I am a dedicated student for the sustainability society, netball and trampolining teams, and the Childreach International charity. Taking part in a variety of activities has improved my communication, professionalism and organisation. These transferable skills, are essential for my career, any career. Students shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

LSBU must build on its success in producing world-leading thinkers through expanding its societies and employment skills for students. I believe students should leave the education system with a clear career direction, with the attitude, passion and skills that the employer wants. I have found my passion through societies and believe other can too.

It amazes me that so many people do not know about the type of societies and sports teams, LSBU supports. This is a shame, and this leads into my key campaign promises:

  • Increase the potential of societies and employers to reach students through fairs and advertising.
  • Giving groups the opportunities to try other activities and meet other students, for example rugby team go to netball for a training session.
  • Making all events for societies and employability more approachable by listening to what students need.
  • Organise group social events for all members of the university.

What I have to say?

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