Michael Jones - Vice President Activities & Employability

Ian Cole

Michael believes in a Student’s Union designed by you the student's. He also wants to put on bigger and better events not just for fun but to also showcase student's talents for better job prospects.

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Michael's Officer Blog

Michael's Blog - Sep/Oct

Mon 07 Nov 2016

A catch up on what Michael has been up to since the start of the year.

First VP Activities Blog of 2016

Tue 16 Aug 2016

HI, My name is Michael Jones. I have been the president of multiple societies.


Michael's Manifesto

I’m Michael Jones, a full time forensic science student and I am running for vice president of activities and employability. I am active in the students union through societies and activities. Being president of two societies and working with the students union I understand the limitations of the union. This makes me an ideal candidate in the upcoming elections for vice president of activities and employability.

Key things I want to achieve in the first six months:

1. Bigger and better events at the students union and bar.

2. Make a student’s union designed by you.

3. Open the students union later.

4. Run different types of events.

5. I will make events for all students.

6. I will aim to improve on how the events are being advertised.

Vote Michael Jones for vice president of activities and employability.

Voting ME will make the union better for YOU!