Elected Officers

Every year, 21 students are elected to lead and shape the Students' Union. It's up to you, the Union's members, to vote for the students you want to represent you, and as a member, you're also eligible to stand in the Elections.

Below are your full list of Elected Officers. There are four Full-Time Officers who work in full-time, paid roles for a year, leading the direction of the Students' Union. The 10 Part Time Officers are all current students, undertaking their studies alongside representing students from particular groups.

Find out more about what each of them does below.

Your Full-Time Officers

Abdi Osman

Temi Ahmadu | President

The Students' Union President guides the strategic and political direction and ensures everything the Union does is relevant for students.
Find out more about Temi and her role.

Temi Ahmadu

Sodiq Akinbade | Vice President Education

Your VP Education takes the lead on developing and improving the quality of education and the student experience at LSBU, based on your feedback and the work of Course Reps.
Find out more about Sodiq and his role.

Farzana Begum

Farzana Begum | Vice President Welfare

The VP Welfare monitors any barriers that may prevent you from getting the most out of your time at university, and leads on campaigns to raise student awareness of health, welfare and cultural issues.
Find out more about Farzana and her role.

Ian Cole

Michael Jones | Vice President Activities & Employability

Michael works to encourage and develop student participation in activities, volunteering, Societies, Sports Clubs and employability activities.
Find out more about Michael and his role.

Your Part-Time Officers

Yash Meghwal | International Officer

Yash represents all the international students here at London South Bank University


Vacant | Black, Asian & Ethnic Minorities Officer

You could be the next BAME Officer. Find out more here.


Makthar Thiaw | Mature Students Officer

Makthar works with mature students (students who started their degree after the age of 21) to identify issues facing these students and works to ensure they are represented.


Olayemi Alaba | Women's Officer

Olayemi is responsible for representing the interests of women at various key University and Union meetings

James Emmett | LGBT Officer

James is here to represent the needs of Lesbian, Gay Bi & Trans students at LSBU


Gulam Asif | Postgraduate Students Officer

Gulam is the Postgraduate students' Officer and researches, works on and promotes issues of relevance to these students.


Peko Gayle-Reveault | Nursing Students Officer

Peko represents all LSBU nursing students and works in issues including placements, exams and timetabling.


Edit Barnoth | Ethical & Environmental Officer

Edit is responsible for reviewing and overseeing the implementation of the Union's environmental policy and lobbying the University to improve their environmental practices.


Christine Acaye | Disabled Students Officer

Christine will be representing the views and opinions of disabled & dyslexic students.


Vacant | Part Time Students Officer

You could be the next Part-Time Students Officer. Find out more here.


Your Forum Chairs

Stevyn Kemp | Student Media Chair

Stevyn is tasked with guiding and supporting the development of our new student media including IBank Tv, IBank Radio and IBank News

Fahmida Begum | Course Rep Chair

Fahmida is responsible for representing the needs and the opinions of 700+ course reps we recruit each year. She also chairs the Course Rep meetings.

Arun Aravinth | Societies Chair

Arun represents and voices needs of the various Societies here at London South Bank University. He is also responsible for chairing the Society forum where all the society leaders meet

Johnathan Wilson | Raise & Give Chair

Johnathan chairs the RAG committee helping to find and develop key fundraising projects throughout the year

Calvin Usanlele | Union Council Chair & Student Govenor

Calvin is responsible for chairing Union Council, where key representatives meet to discuss and vote on what direction the Union should take going forward. Calvin also sits on the University's Board of Govenors, giving LSBU students a voice at this high level meeting.


Sarah Clifton | Sports Federation Chair

Sarah is the lead voice for students involved in an LSBU Sports Team. She works with both the University and the Students' Union to make sure your time as a member of a sports team is the best it can be.