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Information for Candidates

Please read all the information on this page carefully. Failure to do so may result in your nomination being withdrawn.
Once you have read the information below:


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Who should stand

We're looking for passionate people that want to make the world a better place. You'll be keen to use the skills you've acquired during your course, and you'll be keen to show the wider world what makes you different.

You might be passionate about fighting increases to tuition fees or increasing financial support to those who depend on it to study; you may want to make teaching and learning at South Bank better, or build a community on campus, through sports and societies, so every student feels like the Union is their home away from home. Whatever it is that motivates you and would do some good, either for students or the wider world, then we would help you achieve it during your year in office.

We know that many graduates don't just want to work a 9-5 for the next 45 years, for a heartless corporation, and that many students aspire to do social good in their careers - well here's your chance to do just that.

These roles are senior positions in our organisation that require you to be the voice of South Bank students both to the University and the wider-world. You'll be leading the Union, setting our campaigning and political agenda, and making changes that really improve the student experience at your university.
This is a job like no other.

Getting You Election Ready

We have 3 workshops this year, all designed to make you into the best candidate you can be!

  1. Fill in this form to book your space for the optional "So you're thinking about running?" workshop 
  2. Fill in this form to book your space on the compuslory "Candidate Briefing" workshop
  3. Fill in this form to book your space on the optional "Manifesto Wiriting" workshop 

See the presentations here

Manifesto Workshop 2018

Compulsory Candidate Briefing 2018

Candidate Timeline 


Nominations open

8th Jan



"So you're thinking of running.." workshops

19th - 29th Jan



"Writing a Manifesto" workshops

29th Jan - 9th Feb  



Nominations close

5th Feb



Deadline for Manifesto

12th Feb



Deadline for Terms & Conditions

16th Feb



Candidate Briefing (Compulsory)

5th - 16th Feb



Campaigning starts

21st Feb 



Candidate Question Time (Compulsory)

21st Feb 



Voting opens

26th Feb



Voting closes

2nd Mar




2nd Mar


Candidate Briefing

All candidates must attend a training session where we ensure you understand the rules and iron out any kinks that relate to your candidacy. 

Candidate Do's & Don't


Manifestos are a statement about what you intend to do when you get elected. Your manifesto will be linked through, from our online voting platform so students can see what you are stand for before they cast their vote. It is also used by SU staff to help plan for the year ahead once you get elected. Your manifesto is structured in four parts:

  1. Your name and course
  2. your six-word slogan
  3. your 250-word statement
  4. a photo of you - See guidance below

There are some rules regarding manifesto's - like don't lie, or promise things that are simply impossible "free beer for all". We've created a manifesto helpsheet to get you started:

Read our manifesto helpsheet here

Book your space on the "Manifesto Writing" workshop


You are allowed to submit your own photo that will appear with your manifesto and on the voting pages. The Union reserves the right to remove your photo if it deems necessary.

  • Your photo needs to be passport style. (Head and shoulders only)  
  • The photo should be of you on your own
  • Photos should be 500px square. Any images that are not square will be cropped. 
  • Do not include any text in the photo 
  • Do not use filter that cover or distort your appearance 




Election Rules

All candidates must read the LSBSU Election Rules, Regulation D, and the Terms & Conditions for LSBSU Elections in full and abide by them at all times. Failure to comply with the regulations may lead to sanctions being imposed, or disqualification in some circumstances.

Regulation D - The Election framework/rules
LSBSU Supplementary Election Guidance 2017 - additional operational rules agreed by the Returning Officer
Terms & Conditions for LSBSU Elections - must be signed and returned by all candidates
Finance Form for Candidates - for keeping check on your expenses
Key election dates - key dates and periods within the election cycle

University Printing Costs - see the current costs for University printing
Creative Campaigning - examples of campaigning techniques for Students' Union Elections
New rules presentation - a quick run through some new additions
All candidates social media and videos guidelines - further guidelines on the rules around video-making and social media.
President Social Media Takeover! - rules for the new 60 minute social media takeover for Presential candidates.

The Students' Union Constitution

This is the rule book. This document tells you more about the Union, how we should be running and what your rights and responsibilities are as a member of the Union and as a potential Union representative.

The Constitution

Role-Specific Documents

Full-time Officers 

Part Time Student Officers

Student Forum Chairs

Student Trustees

Complaints Procedure

Under certain conditions, if you believe there has been a discrepancy in the election process or impropriety carried out by a candidate or member of LSBSU elections staff, you can make a complaint. Head to the Election Complaints section to lodge a complaint.

The full procedure is below, and must be read first.


Alternative Transferable Vote Procedure

This short video explains how we count the elections of the Students' Union


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