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Paid Full-Time Positions

Full-Time Officers

Full-time Officer positions are full-time paid jobs, working to represent students and shape, change and lead the Students' Union. Full-time Officers either take a year out from their studies or take up the role for the year immediately after they graduate. You don't need to be a final year students to become a Full-time Officer, and many students take a year out from their studies to undertake the role.

Full-time Officers are paid £22,000 per annum, working a minimum of 35 hours per week, although due to the nature of the role are sometimes required to work additional or unsociable hours at times. They also receive 26.5 annual leave each year, in addition to public holidays and University closure days.

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 Voluntary Part-Time Positions

The Students' Union offers a range of part-time roles representing key communities and groups amongst the student body, or carrying out significant democratic functions. We've designed the roles to have a varying level of commitment starting with some lasting less than a week. 

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Part-Time Officers | Forum Chairs | University Student Governor & Chair of Union Council | Trustee of the Students' Union | NUS Delegate

Why you should get involved
It is a great opportunity. We not only ensure being a part-time volunteer sits alongside your study, but that it also enhances your skills, networks and influence, both inside the university and outside. 

As well as this, whilst the roles are unpaid, you will benefit from the experience by:

  • making an impact through leading on a campaigning for a community or cause you care about and that benefits London South Bank Students
  • developing skills, knowledge and real world experience that future employers love to see
  • being able to get your time and work accredited through the SU's volunteering programme as well as the University HEAR programme, that will be issued alongside your degree certificate

If you would like to find out more about the roles and the process of getting elected you can book to attend one of our workshops.

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Part-Time Officers | Forum Chairs | University Student Governor & Chair of Union Council | Trustee of the Students' Union | NUS Delegate

Part-Time Officers x11 (various roles)

These positions are part-time voluntary roles, with a huge variety of opportunities, including representing a particular community of students, overseeing the management and governance of the Students' Union, or attending the National Union of Students' Annual Conference.

These positions offer every representative the opportunity to gain and develop the key skills that every employer seeks. We offer personal training and development and the ability to improve London South Bank University for everyone. These include representatives of:

  • Four 'Liberation Campaign' groups: Women | Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans+ Students| Black Asian Arab & Minority Ethnic Students| Disabled (inc. Dyslexic) Students
  • Seven academic communities or campaigns: Ethical & Environmental Issues | Nursing Students | Part-Time Students | Postgraduate Students | International Students | EU Students | Mature Students

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Forum Chairs

Representing student activity groups on Student Council, head up the activity's relevant committee and promoting the work of each activity group. In order to become a Student Forum Chair, you must be a member of the relevant group. For example, the Societies Guild Forum Chair must be a member of a Society. Check out the full job description in the Election Resources section.

There are four forum chairs: Societies Guild | Sports Federation | Media Association | Raising & Giving

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University Student Governor & Union Council Chair

The Chair of Union Council oversees Union Council, one of the most important decision-making bodies of the union. They are responsible for steering the meeting; ensuring that it stays on topic and that all representatives get a chance to voice their opinion.  Sabbatical officers and Part Time officers are accountable to union council and submit reports as a way for students to track their progress through the year.  The Union Council Chair also sits alongside the President of the SU as a Student Governor for the University a £200,000,000 organisation.

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Student Trustees

There are four Student Trustee positions available.

A voluntary position overseeing the management and governance of the Students’ Union, an organisation with a turnover of over £1 million each year, which employs more than 40 staff. The role is undertaken alongside your studies and gives you the opportunity to develop management skills that most students won’t have the chance to gain. This role requires roughly 20 hours per year. Please Note: As per The Constitution, all Trustees are pre-screened before selection

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