Union Council is one of the highest levels of democratic decision-making within the Union. It is key in determining the way that we run. Union Council is made up of the four elected Full-Time Officers and more than 40 Part Time officers and representatives from Sports Clubs, Societies, Schools of Study and the general student population to ensure the widest possible representation of the student body.

Council motions (proposals and ideas of things for the Union to change, stop doing or start doing) can be put forward by any registered student. Council meetings are open to all students of the University and are beneficial to attend as they give you a platform on which to highlight what is important to your student experience at LSBU.

Find all of the Council papers for the next and previous meetings in the Council Documents section.

Explore other democratic meetings and forums.

We need you to come to us with your suggestions and issues; we are passionate, but not psychic! It is also a chance to hold the Full-Time Officers accountable for their work; you voted them in, and they speak for you so they have to report to you with what they have been working on.

If a decision is agreed upon by Union Council it becomes a Union Policy, meaning the power to make genuine change is in your hands.

There are no Union Council votes running at the present time.

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