What's It All About?

Union Council is one of the highest levels of democratic decision-making within the Union. It's fundamental in determining the way your Students' Union is run, setting it's political policy and holding your Student Representatives to account.

It's made up of your elected student representatives covering everything from Sports Clubs, Societies, Schools of Study and the general student population to ensure the widest possible representation of the student body.

How do I Get Involved?

Any student can attend and submit a motion for disscussion.

Motions set the policy of the Students' Union, ask it to change something and can mandate it to campaign a specific way of a specific issue. To submit one all you need to do s find another student who agrees with you to second it, upload it onto the motion form and present it to the next Union Council meeting.

Motions give you a platform on which to highlight what is important to your university experience.

Can I See Previous Decisions?

Find all of the Union Council papers for the next and previous meetings in the Resources section.

Upcoming Meetings

Annual General Meeting (AGM)


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