Excellence In Education 2014 Winners

The complete list of academics and staff who were shortlisted and won the Excellence in Education Awards in 2014 is below. These staff members have gone above and beyond dramatically adding to the experience of LSBU students. The Students' Union and our students would like to say a big thank you to each and every person nominated and shortlisted.

Employability Enhancement Award


Mona Vadher

Jon Grant

Sara Chandler

Winner: Mona Vadher

Outstanding Supervisor


Dr Perry Xiao

Hitendra Solanki

Cherry James

Winner: Dr Perry Xiao

Outstanding Assessment and Feedback


Alessio Corso

Ben Stanfield-Davies

Paul Wynell-Sutherland

Winner: Alessio Corso

Student Experience Impact Award


Gail Edwards

Andre Young

Karen Thompson

Winner: Gail Edwards

Outstanding Course Rep


Sarah-Jane Whyte

Ali Ghate

Deeshen Ruttun

Winner: Sarah-Jane Whyte

Outstanding Student Support


Tony Hope

Georgina Short

Dr Caroline Gordon

Winner: Tony Hope

Student Union Award


Dr Phil Cardew

Steve Baker

Emilia Baran

Winner: Dr Phil Cardew

Outstanding Lecturer


Dr Mike Rodney

Dr Mahmood Datoo

Dr George Georgiou

Winner: Dr Mike Rodney

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