Excellence in Education Awards 2017

The Excellence in Education Awards recognise the success, hard work, dedication and passion of our lecturers, project supervisors, support staff, Course Reps, students and many others in improving the student experience at LSBU.

Enhancing Employability Award


  • Libby England
  • Sara Chandler
  • Anna Howard

Winner: Sara Chandler

Best Placement Provider Award


  • Helen Jones
  • Elaine Thomson
  • Sonia Williams Riley

Winner: Helen Jones

Best Academic Assessment & Feedback Award


  • Darren James
  • Nader Mattar 
  • Duncan Taylor

Winner: Nader Mattar

Building 'The Student Community' Award


  • Magni Ekou
  • James Emmett
  • Giam Kibreab

Winner: James Emmett

Student Experience Impact Award


  • Gemma Proudly
  • Jane Crussell
  • Andrew Jones

Winner: Jane Crussell

Innovation in Teaching Award


  • john Opute
  • Dr Dag Bennett
  • Matthew Bond

Winner: Matthew Bond

Outstanding Course Rep Award


  • Sophie Galustian
  • Jamir Al-Rubai
  • Joe Foster

Winner: Sophia Galustian

Outstanding Supervisor Award


  • Christine Magill
  • Elizabeth Newton
  • Ruth van Dyke

Winner: Ruth van Dyke

Outstanding Student Support Award


  • Karen Thompson
  • Eleni Vangeli
  • Rebecca Fong

Winner: Karen Thompson

Outstanding Lecturer Award


  • Darren James
  • Alex Marchant
  • Uly Ma

Winner: Alex Marchant

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