Current Campaigns

Retention Campaign

The University and Students’ Union commissioned research into which courses have a high number of students withdrawing, or dropping out of, London South Bank University. This data will help the University and Students’ Union to cater specific support to certain groups of students, benefitting the overall student experience. This campaign is ongoing, and we'll report back with an update soon.

Officer Feedback Boxes

Your Full Time Officers want to hear from you. We're putting up feedback boxes across campus to hear from you on the issues that affect you. Some are for generic issues and suggestions whilst others are based around themes and questions. They’ll be checked every week to make sure your comments make their way back to your Elected Officers.

Bursary or bust

London South Bank University has one of the largest Health & Social Care Schools in teh country. The Governments plans to cut bursaries to nurses is going to damage not only the educational choices of Student NUrses & allied health professional but the NHS as well. London South Bank Students' Union is campaigning again this proposal.

Money Champions

Money Champions

Money Champions is our programme to develop peer trainers for financial literacy, helping student better manage their money whilst at university. for more information see here

Past Campaigns

Excellence in Education

Excellence in Education, our student-led teaching awards, celebrates the great things that go on at London South Bank University that enhance a students experience whilst at University. We engages with thousands of students each year to get them to tell us who has gone the extra mile in improving their university experience, and then celebrate all that fabulous work in a gala event. For more information click here


RAG Week

RAG Week 2016

South Bank Students all through the academic year raise money for great charitable projects both locally and nationally - one of the jewels in the crown of that fundraisign is Raise & Give (RAG) Week.

LGBT History Month

Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans+ History Month

We have a strong and well developed LGBT+ Socity & Campaign at London South Bank Students' Union and annually we remember the struggles previsouly faced, celebrate our community, and campaign for a more equal and just tomorrow.

Feel Good Fridays

Feel Good Friday was new for 2014/15, and is a chance to get active with your friends and meet new ones. FGF has a range of fun-filled activities and giveaways on offer, such as laughter yoga, cake sales, fruit stands and other prizes and giveaways. But behind all the fun and free food is a really important message about the importance of happiness and wellbeing and each Friday we try to emphasise the importance of this. So why not pop down to the next event and get involved.

Black History Month - My Skin Rocks!

Remembering and understanding the trials and tribulations of the past can help give us a sense of our identity, that is to say who we are and why we are the way we are. Furthermore, these valuable lessons learned from our past and our history can ultimately guide us to who we will become in the future. It‘s these precise reasons that we commemorate Black History Month.


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