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Yep, it really is that simple. We want you to put through any ideas you have that could make being at London South Bank University even better. From the tiny things that could make things a bit easier, to the BIG ideas that could transform the whole University. There are no real limits as to what this could be, it’s YOUR idea. Good luck!

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Post your idea. Make it awesome and clear. Once you post it, the Students' Union will review it before it can go live. If we reject your post we’ll let you know why so you can make any changes to it and re-post it. Once it’s been approved it will be live for 2 weeks for people to vote and comment on.


  • Give it a catchy title to make sure people are drawn to it
  • Write clearly what your idea is in the description, too short or confusing and people won’t get it!
(posts will be rejected it they contain swear words, hate speech or deemed inappropriate for this page.)

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Students will have 2 weeks to vote “up” or vote “down” the idea, as well as add comments and discuss it. Your idea (and others) will be shared on the Students' Union’s front page, as well as on our social media - so you can share it too. The more votes and comments an idea gets the higher up the page it will be.

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For an idea to make it from the BIG Ideas page to Union Council, which made up of your elected full time and part time officers, it must receive a score of +20. This means that there are 20 more “up” votes than “down” votes. (For example 30 upvotes vs 3 downvotes = +27) Once an idea has reached a score of +20 it will automatically be discussed at Union Council to see if the Students' Union can make the idea a reality.

However, Union Council members also have the chance to pick any idea from the BIG Ideas page that they think should be discussed, this is to make sure that as many of YOUR ideas as possible get talked about and have the chance to happen.

Some of your ideas can also be actioned by the Students’ Union itself, without Union Council, as they might be an easy fix... for example the “Students' Union should post more social media stuff in the evening” - we can just go and do that!


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Union Council will vote on whether to “accept” or “reject” the idea. If they “accept” it, an Officer or staff member will be given the task of making that idea into a reality. Depending on what the idea is, you could also be involved in making it come true too. Any successful “ideas” will be shared across the Students' Union’s communication streams and you’ll get to see your idea turn from words to something real.

If Union Council “rejects” the idea we’ll let you know why so that you can take that on board and either accept it, or re-submit an updated version of the idea through the BIG Ideas system again.



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    Set a firm date for LSBU Class of 2020 Graduation

    • Events
    • Other
    Taken from the public petition on - London South Bank University has taken the decision to cancel their Autumn Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2020. Whilst I’m sure we can all understand the reasoning behind the cancellation the email doesn’t mention any kind of rearrangement, it merely states they’ll be sending “something extra with your certificate.” Several Universities have already committed to ceremonies in late 2020 or early 2021 for students missing their graduations this year, allowing graduates to arrange annual leave for themselves and their families. We ask LSBU to follow the example of the following Universities and set a firm date for the Graduation; The University of Edinburgh – March 2021 Staffordshire University – November 2020 The University of Central Lancashire – December 2020 The University of Bristol – Allowing Graduates to defer to a later Graduation We would also like to remind LSBU that Open Days are happening across the Summer, with prospective students paying particularly close attention to how Universities deal with the pandemic – Graduation is something that students look forward to throughout their entire education and is something that LSBU will be judged on by potential students.
Esther Kloppel
7:29pm on 8 Jul 20 Graduation is something that I believe everyone is looking forward to. Even though families might not be allowed but students can come in with all the necessary measures in place. please the students needs this one time opportunity they deserve. Students can come in at different time if need be. Yes we can! it's possible.
Mayussa Abbas
7:53pm on 8 Jul 20 Thank you for setting this up Richard. I hope that the idea will be taken on board or at the very least we have a virtual ceremony!
Luis Leon Garcia
8:34pm on 8 Jul 20 Many of us are really looking forward to this graduation, please re consider.
Muhammad Rosman
2:54am on 9 Jul 20 Thank you Richard for setting this up. Graduation is a once in a lifetime experience for us. With the current situation, having a small/intimate ceremony amongst students and lecturers (according to majors) would be acceptable. We can do this!
Viktor Sedletskiy
1:13pm on 14 Jul 20 Thank you Richard for your message. I have been studying for two years at the university and would like to have my graduation.It would be great if we can find a solution how we can arrange it.




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