Have You Got A Bright Idea?

Do you think you have an idea that can help improve the student experience at London South Bank University? The Students' Union is interested to find out what you think would improve your experience and the experience of the students around you.

In order to do this, the ideas module allows you to submit an idea for other students to like, dislike and comment on. If your idea receives a positive score of 30 over a period of 10 college days then your idea will be added to the agenda of the next Union Council.

Union Council is made up of a number of elected student representatives. These representatives will discuss your idea at Union Council and make a recommendation for whether it should be implemented or not. Students who propose ideas will be notified of the outcome and where ideas are taken forward a member of the Sabbatical Officer team will work with that student to make their idea a reality.

Full details on the Ideas Module can be found here.

Union Council

Used for official ideas module 2017/18

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  • Last submission 12:37 on 14 Jun 2017
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Union Council

Used for official ideas module 2017/18

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    Deadline dates

      For nursing students this year in one week there was an assignment deadline for Monday and an assignment deadline Thursday as well as an exam on the Thursday. Due to this many students had extra stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. For this reason deadlines for all courses should be organised so they are more spaced out.
    Immanuel Sodola
    10:47am on 14 Jun 17 I think the question here is if students were given enough time for all assessments even if all is due on same day?
    Susannah Hill
    12:23pm on 14 Jun 17 Insufficient time was given, from finishing the courses it was roughly 3 weeks to complete 2 assignments and sit an exam, whilst on placement for two of those weeks The coursework has not been spread evenly across the year,. Earlier on we had 6 weeks period with minimal teaching, one of the modules should have been taught during this period to spread the workload

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