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Section I General?3

Article 1 Definitions?3

Article 2 Name?3

Article 3 Core Objectives?3

Article 4 Annual Objectives for the upcoming year (2017/2018)?3

Article 5 Offical Languages?4

Section 2 Affiliation?4

Section 3 Membership?4

Article 1 Ordinary Membership?4





Article 2 Alumni Membership?4





Section 4 Structure.?5

Article 1 Organisational structure of the committee?5

Article 2 Authority?5

Section 5?5

Article 1 President?5

Article 2 Secretary?5

Article 3 Treasurer?5

Article 4 Notice?5

Article 5 Quorum?6

Article 6 Voting?6

Article 7 Postponement?6

Article 8 Annual General Meeting?6

Article 9 Annual Reports and Annual Financial Report?6

Article 10 Extraordinary meetings?6

Section 6 Elections?6

Article 1 Authority?6

Article 2 Notice?6

Article 3 Nomination?6

Regulations of Nominations?7

Article 4 Regulations?7

Article 5 Complaints and Appeals?7

Article 6 By-Election?7

Article 8 Resignation?7

Article 7 Vacancy?7

Section 8 Finances?8

Article 1 Financial Year?8

Article 2 Fund Raising?8

Article 3 Financial Report?8

Section 9 Transparency of the Society?8

Section 10 Constitution?8

Article 1 Amendment?8

Article 2 Interpretation?8


Section I General

Article 1 Definitions

a) “Society” shall mean the Nursing Society, London South Bank University Students’ Union. 

b) “Committee” shall mean the Executive Committee of the Nursing Society

c) “Constitution” shall mean the Constitution of the Nursing Society.

d) “Members” shall mean the members of the Nursing Society,

e) “Nursing field(s)” shall mean any of the following branches of Nursing; Adult, Child, Mental Health or Learning Disabilities.

f) “Executive Committee” shall mean the “President”, “Secretary” and “Treasurer”.

Article 2 Name

The Society shall be called the “London South Bank University Nursing Society”. When abbreviated, “LSBU Nursing Society”, “LSBU N-Soc” or “N-Soc”.

Article 3 Core Objectives

These are the core objectives of the group which can only be changed only with the full agreement of the Committee.

This group Exists to;

a) To represent the interests of student nurses of each of the 4 nursing branches, namely Adult, Child, Learning Disability and Mental Health, at London South Bank University. 

b) To promote self-health and wellbeing to all members.

c) To promote unity and give a sense of community to the students both during and outside of term time.

d) To provide a support network of student nurses studying at London South Bank, where they can raise concerns as appropriate.

e) To help student nurses studying at London South Bank to feel included in various activities, ran by both the university and other areas.

Article 4 Annual Objectives for the upcoming year (2017/2018)

1) To establish ourselves as a society with London South Bank Students Union

2) To Increase membership and participation of the society by spreading the word and promoting the benefits of joining the Nursing Society.

3) To establish a logo and merchandise for the society.

4) To establish a presence on campus through the use of merchandise.

5) To provide a support network for the nurses and answer questions and help to the extent which is possible. 

6) If possible, to hold fundraising events and social events throughout the year which will benefit the society and allow the students to become involved. 

7) To hold elections in February/March time for the new committee.

8) To improve communications with Havering Campus


Article 5 Official Languages

a) Whilst English shall be the official language of the society, it is accepted that any additional languages that committee members can speak can be used when appropriate. 

b) However, only the English Language should be used in all meetings and official documents of the Society.

Section 2 Affiliation

The Society is directly affiliated with London South Bank University and its Students’ Union. It can also be affiliated with professional colleges and trade unions were appropriate. For example, the Royal College of Nursing. Whilst Nursing Students do have a choice between Unison and the Royal College of Nursing, the society currently favours the Royal College of Nursing due to their involvement with students.


Section 3 Membership

Article 1 Ordinary Membership


1) All full-time undergraduates’ studying within a Nursing field (Adult, Child, Mental Health or Learning Disabilities) shall be eligible to become an ordinary member of the society.

2) All Post Graduate Diploma Students (PG Dips) within a Nursing field shall be eligible to become an ordinary member of the society.

3) Trainee Nursing Associates and Trainee Assistant Practioners’ shall also be eligible to become an ordinary member of the society.


1) To attend activities and functions arranged or advertised by the Society 

2) To use any facilities provided by the Society

3) To have the voting rights in any General Polling

4) To have the right to speak and vote in any general meeting where voting occurs.

5) To have the right to nominate or be nominated for election and to stand for election or hold officer within the committee.


1) To follow the constitution of the Society

2) To follow any resolutions of General Meetings, General Polling and Elections.

3) To pay any membership fee


1) The membership fees for Ordinary members can be increased or decreased as the executive committee sees fit between the cost of £0.00 and up to £10.00.

Article 2 Alumni Membership


1) Any previous alumni of London South Bank University Nursing Fields.


a. To attend activities and functions arranged or advertised by the Society 

b. Alumni members are not allowed to vote as per the Students’ Union Rules


I. To follow any resolutions of General Meetings, General Polling and Elections.

II. To pay any membership fee

III. Fees


c. The membership fees for Alumni members is generally around £6.00 higher than ordinary members. This cannot exceed £16.


Section 4 Structure.

Article 1 Organisational structure of the committee

As per guidelines from the Students’ Union, the society musthave the President, the treasurer and the secretary roles fulfilled at all times in order to be eligible to be a society. Additional committee officers such as “Social Secretary” and “Vice President” are not required but these auxiliary roles can be created as per the committees say so. It is written into this constitution that all previous committee members can become “honorary life members”, similarly as described in the constitution of the London South Bank University Student Union. This position does not have any voting rights and is more to consult and assist in the running of the society as dictated by the executive committee.

Article 2 Authority

Whilst the society must remain democratic, in any event of a tie during a general meeting or a poll, the final decision must consider what is best for the most members. If the situation is not applicable, then the option in which 2 of the 3 executive committee members wins.

Section 5

Article 1 President

a) The President shall take the chair of all Meetings unless suitable delegated to a member of the executive committee. 

b) The Council Chairperson shall not propose or vote for any motion except the casting vote.

Article 2 Secretary

The Secretary of the Society shall be responsible for taking minutes of all General Meetings as well as communication between members. 

Article 3 Treasurer

The treasurer of the society shall be responsible for the financial matters of the society as dictated by the Students’ Union.

Article 4 Notice

Notice of all elections and meetings, along with the agenda shall be posted at least 7 days beforehand on the Society social media and through newsletter. 

Article 5 Quorum

Not less than 10% of all Ordinary Members of the Society shall form a quorum of a vote.

Article 6 Voting

Any motion in any meeting shall be carried if there is a simple majority for voting in favour of it unless specified otherwise.

Article 7 Postponement

In case the quorum is not formed within half an hour of the start time of a voting meeting, or within 15 minutes of the end of an election, the vote will be adjourned and cast as null and void. A repeat attempt can be made 3 days after.

Article 8 Annual General Meeting

a) The Annual General Meeting should be held within 3 weeks after the Annual Election. 

b) The Annual General Meeting shall be chaired by the incumbent president. 

c) Business of the Annual General Meeting must include when all data and information is handed over to the incoming executive team. This includes but is not limited to the annual financial report from the incumbent treasurer and the overall state of the society by the chair. It is the secretaries (both incumbent and incoming) role to make sure that data protection laws must be adhered to. The outgoing society officials must not keep any data. All passwords should be immediately changed after the meeting. Also, in this meeting, the incoming committee must make their plans for the up and coming year. This is also the appropriate time to receive and adopt this constitution of the society.

Article 9 Annual Reports and Annual Financial Report

The Annual Reports and the Annual Financial Report shall be posted on the Society notice board at least 3 days before the Annual General Meeting

Article 10 Extraordinary meetings

In the event of an extraordinary meeting being called by the president, there must be no less than 50% of the committee members present and 5% of ordinary members.

Section 6 Elections

Article 1 Authority

Elections happen every year in approximately the 2nd or 3rdmonth of the year as per Students’ Union regulations. There must be at least one nomination for each of the three executive positions in order for the election to be legitimate. Quorum voting is set at 10% out turn. At least 2 members of the incumbent committee must be present throughout the voting. If this cannot happen, then at least one member of the executive committee and someone from the Students’ Union must be present.

Article 2 Notice

Notice of an election must be given 4 weeks in advanced. Within that time, appropriate and specific deadlines must be set in order to receive candidates’ intention to run and manifesto’s at least 7 days before the election.

Article 3 Nomination

a) The nomination period for the election is to be 28 days before the election and shall end 21 days before the election unless a position on the executive council is not fulfilled.

b) The society secretary shall post a list of all nominations no less than 7 days before the election

Regulations of Nominations

a. Only the ordinary members of the society shall be nominated

b. Each nominee can stand for just one post only.

c) Re-election is allowed. However, no final year nursing students may stand due to finishing their degree within the next term of office.

d) In case of no nomination for an executive council post, the position shall remain vacant until after the election and the formation of the committee. If still no nomination, then the problem shall be resolved in the Annual General Meeting.

Article 4 Regulations

a) Candidates are free to campaign using methods that would be upheld within the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct 2015.

b) Voting shall be carried out through a secret ballot.

c) Only ordinary members of the society shall have the right to vote.

d) The winner of the election is the person with the greatest number of votes

e) The polling period should last for at least 8 consecutive hours on the day of polling.

f) The result of the polling shall be announced by the executive committee no later than 48 hours after the end of that polling period.

Article 5 Complaints and Appeals

a) Complaints about the Polling shall be made and submitted to the Executive committee within 48 hours after the end of the polling period. 

b) Appeals about the Polling results shall be made and submitted to the Executive committee within 48 hours after the announcement of the Polling results. 

c) All complaints shall be supported by evidence and duly signed. 

d) The executive committee shall convene to adjudicate all the complaints and appeals with the assistance of the Students’ Union. 

e) e) No official announcement shall be made until all complaints have been resolved.

Article 6 By-Election

a) A By-Election shall be conducted when there is any vacancy of the committee should the executive committee deem it necessary. 

b) The By-Election of Annual Election shall be held in the form of an annual election and follow the rules and regulations thereof.

Article 8 Resignation

a) Any member of the committee may resign from his/her membership of the committee by giving written notice to the executive committee. An Emergency Council Meeting shall be convened specifically to discuss the matter. 

b) The resignation shall be documented in the permanent record of the Society. 

Article 7 Vacancy

a) In the event of the office of the executive committee being unfilled or falling vacant, the Council shall resolve the matter in an Emergency Council Meeting. 

i) In the event that the president leaves, it falls to a share between the secretary and, if applicable, the vice president.

b) In the event of the office of the Popularly-Elected committee member being unfilled or falling vacant, a By-Election shall be held to fill the vacancy should the Council deem necessary. 

Section 8 Finances

Article 1 Financial Year

The financial year should follow the session of the current committee.

Article 2 Fund Raising

a) Funds should be acquired through membership fees. However, when it is deemed as appropriate to reduce membership fees, then other means of fund raising should be considered such as;

a. Fund Raising for the society through charitable means, however always being open and honest about where the funds have come from and are going to.

b. Asking for grants and other subsidises/sponsorship where appropriate.

c. The treasurer shall be the person in charge of fund raising. They must coordinate, supervise and approve all plans for fund raising.

Article 3 Financial Report

a) A comprehensive financial report shall include income and expenditure statement, balance sheet and any other financial statements requested by the executive committee should it be deemed necessary.

b) The Treasurer shall prepare the Annual Financial Report of the Society ready for the Annual General Meeting.

Section 9 Transparency of the Society

a) Request for minutes from a Committee Meeting shall be submitted in writing, to the Secretary. 

b) Request for minutes from an executive committeeMeeting shall be submitted in writing, to the Secretary. 

c) The president shall have the right to specify whether a minute shall be open to public or not.

d) The minutes shall be posted on the Society Social Media and website within 1 week after the receipt of the written request.

Section 10 Constitution

Article 1 Amendment

Any amendment of the Constitution shall be made in the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting only and adopted only by receiving more than 50% of Ordinary Members present at the Meeting voting in favour of the motion. 

Article 2 Interpretation

The final interpretation of the Constitution shall rest with the Council.

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