The 2019 Election Results!

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We had 3,159 voters cast 40,927 votes this year!

Full results can be found here

Your 2019/2020 Elected Representatives are; 

Full Time Officer


Nelly Kibirige


Vice President: Activities and Employability

Hattie Tollerson


Vice President: Education  

Sajjad Hossain


Vice President: Welfare & Equalities    

Isata (Ash) Kamara


Part Time Officers

University Student Governor & Chair of Union Council 

Nazene Smout


Disabled Student Officer 

Aurora Booth


Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans Students' Officer    

Greyson Askew


Women's Officer    

Anahita Shojaey


Course Rep Forum Chair

Grebin Baby Cherian


Ethical and Environmental Officer    

Gigi James


European Union Students' Officer    

Anna Pichierri


International Students' Officer    

Aldrin Maria Suzan


Societies Guild Forum Chair    

Muhammad Bilal


Sports Federation Chair    

Niamh Mitchell


Media Association Chair    

Jaber Al Nahian


RAG Forum Chair    

Alvira Khan


NUS Delegate    

Gigi James
Hattie Tollerson
Sajjad Hossain
Tallulah Bird



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