Temi's Blog - December

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Hey #TeamLSBU,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

December is here (yay), which means this year is coming to an end and we look forward to lots of Christmas fun, food and enjoyment, but also means exams are around the corner!

2016 was such an eventful year full of lots of political roller coasters such as the Students' Union elections where I became President, the EU referendum & Brexit, David Cameron resigning, Theresa May being appointed as Prime Minister, Donald Trump being elected as the President of the US, Teach Excellence Framework (TEF) report and so much more. 

But overall it has been a fantastic year and we acknowledge how far we have come. 

In February, We managed to have our biggest election yet with over 30 students standing in elections and over 4000 students voting for the nominees. This put us in the 10 top against other universities around the country. 

In June, we had our second "Boost" Residential Camping trip with over 50 students and staff in attendance alongside the University Executives Prof. Shân Wareing (LSBU Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience) and Penny Green (LSBU Head of Procurement Services). We managed to empower our students through workshops whilst having fun and engaging them in activities such as rock climbing, archery and many other games. 

In September, as mentioned in my previous blog, we managed to have a successful Freshers Week to welcome our new and returning students to campus. Following on from that in October we said Goodbye to our Graduating student and welcomed them as Alumni's. We also celebrated Black History Month with our debates, talks and cultural day. 

And in December we managed to end the year with our bangin' Christmas party which started at the Venue Bar and ended at Zoo Bar.

We're currently working with the University to re-run the Student Led Projects. We ran the project last year and had 12 students get involved supporting the areas that needed the most improvement within the University. If you would like to get involved in the projects this year, Click here for more information.

The Full Time Officer team, including myself, have managed to get half of their manifestos achieved meaning we are on target. Yay! In the New Year, we look forward to lots more exciting things such as more campaigns from us officers, more student engagement and involvement, fulfilling our manifestos and refreshers. For more information visit www.lsbsu.org 

Also, if you do have any queries feel free to email me at - temi@lsbsu.org 

Thank you and Happy Christmas. 

Temi Ahmadu


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