Spotlight: LSBU Hindu Society

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12 Questions with the LSBU Hindu Society

1. Who runs the society?

Janany is President of the society and works alongside Devanshi who is Secretary, Ruchika who is Treasurer, Ashini and Sanya the Events Coordinators, Aanuoluwapo the Sports Coordinator and Areena the Social Media Handler

2. When was the LSBU Hindu Society Created?

Our society was created in September 2014 by Kishan Patel - we just celebrated our sixth anniversary in 2020!


3. Is Hindu Society restricted to Hindu students?

Our society is open to both Hindus and non-Hindus.

4. Have you won any awards?

Yes! We won the ‘Most Improved Society’ in 2017.


5. How have you been coping during the lockdown?

We’ve held many virtual events including Rangoli Challenge,  Holi Celebration week, Chai with your VP’s etc.


6. Best society moment?

When we collaborated with nine other NHSF London Zone Universities for Navratri.


7. How important is Hindu Society to you?

This society means A LOT to us even though we did not initially start it up. This one year, for us, was filled up with SO many emotions, ups, downs - which has brought us together much stronger.


8. Why should students get involved?

We’ve all made friends for life. We teach and learn from each other. There’s always challenges and opportunities for prizes to win. It’s also a chance for students' views to be heard.


9. What events do you run?

We have guest speakers, games and movie nights, drop-ins and performances!


10. How do students get involved?

Students can email us at or they can keep an eye out on our socials for information. You can follow us on Instagram @NhsfLsbu, our Twitter LSBU_HinduSoc and our Facebook page NHSF LSBU Hindu Society. 


11. Do you have any group chats?

Yes, of course, DM us for the link.


12. What is your goal as a society?

Our aim is to bring the Hindu Students in LSBU together. We wanted to create a ‘home away from home' by building closer connections and working together in society.

Thank you so much LSBU Hindu Society - Look out for more student group features. 


Aimina Hussain

Student Communications Assistant


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