Netball win the league!

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Netball Squad 19/20

Following on from last week’s Men’s Rugby successes; this week the Netball Team won their BUCS League and became champions.

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Beating Canterbury Christ Church 48 : 43 and with a fantastic season under their belt, the squad secured the league title, whilst still having a game in hand. Amazing!

Their excellence performance is something we’re very proud of in the Students’ Union, and adds to the growing sporting success, positive reputation and sense of community on campus our SU Sports Teams are having.

All the squad and their coaches deserve a hearty well done! 


The 2018/9 Netball League Champions: 


Megan Williams (P)(C)

Erica Middleton 

Rebecca Hoxey 

Laura McLaughlin

Sarah Bates

Ottilie Hodgson

Jessica Farrell

Hattie Tollerson (VP:Activities elect)

Georgia Bunce 

Abbie Wall

Tatania Riley 



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