Men’s Rugby: Champions!

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Men’s Rugby Squad 19/20

The SU Rugby Team won (17-7) the BUCS SE Conference Bowl league last Wednesday afternoon.

The last time we achieved this level of success was twenty-two years ago; An effort that we can all congratulate.

Join up:

LSBU was the first team to score a try after nearly half an hour of play. UCFB then scored a try and converted. Within the final ten minutes of the game, LSBU proved to be the stronger team and scored two trys in fairly quick succession and converted the final one, to come away with the victory.


South Bank XV Rugby Line Up

23 players

1 - Ben Stothard 

2 - Alex Khian Brewer 

3 - Ben Goodfellow 

4 - Ted Arnold 

5 - Tariq Ghzzawi

6 - Jordan Teague

7 - Angelo Adriano 

8 - Chris Kiyingi 

9 - Max Treharne 

10 - Rhys Amos 

11 - Greg Hay

12 - Rory Sweetman 

13 - Jay Tee 

14 - Mikey Metafwali

15 - Ryan Daniel Thomas 



Elias Martin-green

Josh Smallman

Joey Marriott

Dan Hook 

Ben Omodo 

Tim Mooney

Glodi Dituzolele

Randeep Flora 


In addition across the season the following also played.

 Alex Body

 Jake Alderton 

 Cameron Urquhart 

 Christopher Measure 

 Theo Cantero 

 Jamie Bartlett 

 Tim Mooney 


Ryan Thomas
4:05pm on 15 Mar 19 So proud of you boys!! You have done everyone proud!! Alumni and Current students
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