LSBU alumna to become the new Bishop of London

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Bishop Sarah Mullally

In addition to being a former governor at London South Bank University (LSBU), Sarah Mullally studied for her MSc at LSBU when the University was still a polytechnic. She was later made a fellow of LSBU in 2001 and in 2005 she became Deputy Chair of the University's Board of Governors for ten years until 2015.

Following a long 35 year career in nursing within the NHS, including holding the senior position of Chief Nursing Officer for England from 1999 to 2004, she became a Priest in 2006.

Sarah Mullally was made a dame in 2005 for services to nursing. She is the third woman to run a diocese and will take a seat in the House of Lords. She takes over the role of Bishop of London from Dr Richard Chartres, who retired in February.

Sarah said: "Having lived and worked in London for over 32 years, the thought of returning here is about returning home.

"I am often asked what it has been like to have had two careers, first in the NHS and now in the Church.

"I prefer to think that I have always had one vocation: to follow Jesus Christ, to know him and to make him known, always seeking to live with compassion in the service of others, whether as a nurse, a priest, or a bishop.

"To be given the opportunity to do that now in this vibrant world-city is a wonderful privilege."


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