Student Feedback Project

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The Project

The University and Union are running a project for students to feedback on some key areas of activity on campus. We are looking 12 students to take part over  a period ending just after Easter. The selected students will each receive a bursary of £250 if they complete the required elements of the program.

To apply simply answer the questions below. If successful you will be invited to a selection workshop at the beginning of February where the 12 students will be selected. Click here for the role description and agreement.

The 12 students will then be separated into 4 groups relating to the subjects they have chosen. These groups will then be invited to the project workshops where you will plan your research activity together.

Applications close 7th Febuary 2017
Selections w/c 7th Febuary 
Introduction and groups start - w/c 8th Feb
Final Report - 17th May

The 4 subject Areas are:

Timetabling and course organisation
Find out what the LSBU student experience is of timetabling at the university and how we might improve it.

When does the timetable work best for LSBU students and when does it go wrong? What would more flexible timetabling look like for students? How do students want to access their timetable or receive updates? How are changes to the timetable communicated? Should the timetabled day be extended to include earlier morning and later evening slots to fit around other commitments? When is a course well-organised and when is it not?

The digital environment at LSBU
Explore the kind of digital environment students want to study in and what their courses need to do to prepare them for working in a digital world.

What are the digital tools students use inside and outside the university and how are they using them to help their learning?  How confident are students about their digital literacy and what could we do to build digital skills and knowledge in the university? What are students looking for in a digitally-rich experience at university? How important are listen-again lectures, digital collaboration tools, e-resources, e-portfolios or digital creative learning spaces?

Feedback on assessment
Investigate how students receive and use the feedback they get on assessment and what would improve feedback practice at LSBU.

What different ways do students receive feedback on their work and how do they use feedback to improve future learning and assessments? Are students encouraged to actively seek feedback and do they prefer feedback in specific ways or formats? How helpful is feedback and what do they identify as effective feedback practice at LSBU?

Student engagement with the LSBU community
Find out how our students feel part of the LSBU community and what would improve their sense of belonging and engagement.

What are the factors that make students feel connected to the staff and students at LSBU? How do their views get heard and how do they get responded to? Is LSBU inclusive for all students and what are the barriers to feeling part of the university? What social and learning spaces do students use and how could they be improved?

We are looking forward to your applications. Please click here to apply. For further information please contact


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