Course Rep of the Month - January 19

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Congratulations to Bismah Ali, Course Rep for Extended Degree in HSC who was chosen by the Students' Union to be the third winner of Course Rep of the Month as she has been doing an outsadning job. Her nominations red that:

"Bismah as been working tirelessly since she was elected as a Rep to make sure that the students on the Extended Degree are being heard. We've had many issues and Bismah has really fought to ensure that staff in the School and the Students' Union are aware of what's going on. She's been professional and highly competent, which has meant that now the Course is now getting more support from the staff team to make sure that students issues are being solved."

The SU created this new reward in order to recognise all the thousands of hours of volunteering that Course Reps do representing the academic interests of students from their course. We wanted to find a way to make the Reps feel great, and for staff and students to hear about all the awesome things they are doing.

Anyone can nominate a Rep for Course Rep of the Month, staff and students alike, and it's a very quick and easy form which can be found here.

Even if your nominee doesn't win, they'll still be told that they were nominated and will get to hear the lovely things that were written about them, so keep nominating!


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