At London South Bank Students' Union, we know that Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans (LGBT) students can often have different experiences and challenges during their time at university. You can find out more about the opportunities and support available to LGBT students below.


Your LGBT Officer


LGBT Officer

Corey Bird




Hey all! I’m Corey, your elected LGBT Officer. My job here is to campaign and promote for equality, diversity and all things LGBT+. I am a current student and the LGBT Officer role is a Part-Time Officer position at the Students’ Union. I sit on Union Council to make sure that LGBT+ voices are being heard at the heart of the Students’ Union. I also will be attending University meetings to make sure LGBT+ students are being considered across LSBU.

Over the next year I will strive to create a safe space for all LGBT+ students, working with staff, elected representatives and other students to ensure that your gender identity or sexuality will not be a barrier to you achieving all you can at LSBU.

I also aim to work alongside the LGBT+ society here to make this next year the best possible.

I’m here to talk to if you have any issues you’d like to talk about, ideas to suggest or even if you just want a chat with someone you know will be knowledgeable, understanding and non-judgemental.


Corey's Campaigns


Over the last year, I worked hard as part of the LGBT Society to reignite the passion around campaigning for LGBT+ issues and we did an amazing job! However, I feel we mainly focused on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues and while that is amazing and needs to continue, I feel this year we need to branch out to continue to be as inclusive as possible. That is why I have chosen to campaign for awareness and education surrounding the other areas of the spectrum because no matter how you identify, you deserve the same acknowledgement and validity as everybody else.
The stereotype surrounding student culture, especially queer people, is that we are surrounded by, and usually succumb to, the pressures and temptations of drugs, alcohol and unsafe sex. While this is an unfair assumption, the National Institute on drug abuse found that LGBT+ students (aged 18-30) in 2018 were five times more likely to abuse alcohol than their heterosexual peers and 39% illegally use drugs on a regular basis. These numbers are quite shocking and my aim is to better understand what they means for students here so that I can effectively raise awareness and campaign against substance abuse in the LGBT+ community.
One of the biggest issues i have seen here at LSBU is the lack of engagement from LGBT+ students of colour. Nobody should feel like they cannot utilize our campaigns, events and projects so my aim is to find out why there is such a disconnect, especially at such a diverse University, and work towards bringing people together under a full-colour rainbow flag.

LGBT+ Society


The Society is run by ordinary LGBT+ Students, just like you. We put together a range of activities from nights out, to cultural activities, our aim quite simply is to build a sense of community, place and fun on campus.

When you sign up to be a member of the Society, you help us develop it, your subs go to help running events and activities that directly benefit you!

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  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans + Student Membership£3.00
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans + Non-Student Membership£6.00


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