Hello lovely people,

I am Ferdous, your VP of Welfare and Equalities at the South Bank Students' Union. I am here to represent your voice regarding your wellbeing and needs at the University. 

This week I am launching a campaign on "Decolonaisation" to start a conversation on what it is and how this may have an impact on our academic achievements. This campaign is dedicated to lobbying with LSBU to democratise the University so that the student and staff community have more power in combatting structural racism and other forms of domination in the curriculum. 

Feel free to get in touch with me to know more about this campaign. 

What does Decolonising the curriculum mean?

Decolonising the curriculum means providing an accurate portrayal of history and providing students and staff with the tools to critically identify how the university reproduces colonial hierarchies. By doing this they will be able to ensure knowledge production reflects the diverse society that we live in.” - Fope Olaleye (NUS Black Students Officer 2019/2020)




History of Decolonisation in Higher Education

Decolonisation of Higher Education originated as a movement two decades ago to ensure that the knowledge and practices of indigenous people were represented in the Higher Education curricula of post-colonial countries. 
The ‘decolonising the curriculum’ agenda was reignited in South Africa back in 2015 with the “Rhodes Must Fall” movement, where students demanded the removal of the statue to the colonialist, Cecil Rhodes, and for indigenous knowledge to be placed on an equal footing in the curriculum with that from the global north. 
This agenda has gained momentum in the UK, led by the National Union of Students ‘Why is my curriculum white?’ campaign which suggests that while the Arts and Humanities disciplines have the most work to do regarding decolonisation, all subjects have opportunities to reconsider teaching matter. 

Why am I campaigning?

LSBU has a diverse student body from a variety of cultural background, because of our campus locations, we are situated at the heart of London, which is also a vibrant city with a multicultural vibe.

We recognise the role that race, racism and racialisation have played within the Higher Education sector and we will reject it, stand against it and be actively anti-racist

I want all courses to engage with and reflect on whether they are meeting the principles of our inclusive and decolonised vision.

Reduce the BAME attainment gap at LSBU

I want to diversify life at LSBU for the betterment of students and make sure that all students no matter their background are not unfairly disadvantaged and succeed and gain the qualification they have studied so hard for. 


For more information on our events this week, click here.



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