Clashing Harmony

Friday 15 March 2019, 3pm - 5pm - Ground Floor, Student Life Centre (Near the bar)

Friday 15 March 2019

Clashing Harmony is a workshop to showcase the beautiful traditional Chinese music and instruments and how they can also have a fun mix with the pop culture today maybe even try a bit of rock'n'roll if you would.

This event is a self-run project designed by LSBU Chinese Society, it is scheduled for the 15th of March and to be held at London South Bank University Student Life Centre. 

People often stays in their comfort zone and choose the lifestyle that are familiar to them, like listening to music in their first language, thanks to globalisation, different culture started to collaborating. Now that we live in a more diverse world, Clashing Harmony would like to bring people out of their comfort zone and fuse the culture from west and east together.

It will be a free event for people to attend as the aim of the event is to promote cultural exchange and participation, with your involvement, it encourages us to continue to bring you more fun events.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for you to see, experience and learn the fun history stories about those amazing instruments, maybe even learn a little Chinese ;)

Come join us on the 15th of March, grab a drink sit outside the venue bar of LSBU and enjoy the culture and music.   


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Clashing Harmony
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