Candidate for the position of Vice President Education



Quality education, change, representation, Access.

Patricia Goodwin.

The post of vice trade Pres education. a third-year student studying film practice. In the upcoming elections, I say vote for me, to succeed, vote to see your concerns dealt with it. I am making a pledge to you; if elected, I will be mainly walking on:

The quality of Education: I will make sure that the quality of education student received at Southbank University is the highest quality.

Apprenticeship: I will work with the University, enterprises, and businesses to arrange suitable apprenticeship across all disciplines that demand student apprentice this includes work experience and work placements.

Record Lectures: will advocate that lectures are recorded and placed in the module for the student to playback; at the end of the day; what's important is student education. I believe this will help a student achieve academic excellence.

Feedback on exams and coursework:  I'll advocate that all student receive feedback on your hard work to enable them to improve and achieve their best.

Freshman: I will work to ensure that all freshmen are our listened to, organize activities to suit freshmen years; enabling freshmen is to transition smoothly into university.

I will listen to the educational concerns of students and Liaise with  Southbank to resolve any issues with regards to quality of education and university experience.

Empowerment: I hope to help enhance student skills through setting up mentoring schemes to arrested and confidence in the abilities.

I will endeavor to make sure all student feel included and welcomed at Southbank University.

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