Candidate for the position of Ethical and Environmental Officer

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Luis Miguel Agostinho

Assertive, determined, considerate, enthusiastic, positive

My name is Luis Miguel and I am a second year BCS Accounting and Finance student running for the role as your Ethical and Environmental Officer. I have always been an active member of the Green Beans Society, assisting and promoting sustainability issues and events throughout LSBU. In addition throughout my time at LSBU I have also been involved in the organisation of student activities and job fairs. I am also involved in charity organisations such as St John's Ambulance where I am a fully trained first aider.

If I get elected for the Ethical and Environmental Officer position my main objectives will be to:

  • promote more green innovation such as flower boxes around the campus;
  • help and assist the Green Beans Society in which I am an active member;
  • encourage the use of more environmental friendly materials and products;
  • make sure our merchandise is ethically resourced (fair trade);
  • campaigning for the library to make more eBooks available online in order to reduce the need for physical book copies;
  • create an event panel to allow students to attend major conferences and lectures on environmental issues;
  • support charity fundraising for ethical and environmental causes;
  • organise special workshops at LSBU to teach students how to become financially sustainable (help students manage their student loan and personal finances in a way that will help them save money and the environment);
  • ensure that ethical and environmental policy is taken into consideration in every LSBU decision.

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