Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer



Let's unite for change.

Hi, my name is Fatima Laiq, an international student from Pakistan. Being an international student has its own perks alongside its hardships. University is the one time, we are suppose to be having fun without worrying. As an international student I completely understand the distress a student goes through during their time in University.

As, an International Student is isolated, unemployed and far from home not to mention the living expenses which makes things more challenging.

If elected as the voice of international student I would;

·         Represent international students in LSBU and address the issues faced to reduce student drop outs by providing possible solutions to make their LSBU experience more fun and interesting. 

·         Take initiative to increase participation of international students in university by carrying out mini workshops related to student welfare, guide to finding a part time job and how you could reduce your living expenses. Along with a useful workshop with topic “the essential guide to saving money and living the frugal life”

·         Make sure international students get the same job opportunities as the home students. I assure to work closely with the student union to acheive this objective.

·         Carry out festive events reflecting cultures of different countries like fashion shows, cultural music night to increase participation of international students and to make them feel like home.

I assure you to bring positive change among the international student community.

"Let's UNITE for CHANGE"

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