Candidate for the position of University Student Governor & Chair of Union Council



My name is Suleyman Said, I am a second year student of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics student. On the election I am running for Governor and Union Council Chair passion.


I am currently a course rep for Engineering and Power Electronics student (FT) where I represent of all issues we are facing in class to a higher level so our voice as students could be hard.  As a student I believe there is nothing more important than having a strong voice in our student council, which I prepare to do so, because I have great leadership kills. To ensure our voices should be hard as LSBU students and our time spending at the university should be academically, socially and professionally rewarding.


I pelage to:

  • Abide by code of conduct of Governor and Union Council Chair  
  • Provide guidance on new initiatives
  • Ensure students views are at the heart of every decision University Border make
  • Ensure fair decisions  on University Border and students
  • Push the University Border to create more opportunities for students
  • Continuing to offer support to all students, and doing all in my power to help make things change to reflect your views

Thank you for reading, vote for me if you believing changes  J J ;) Suleyman Said Governor and Union Council Chair. 

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