Welcome to the page for course-based, or academic societies. 

What is a course-based society? 

Course-based societies are organisations formed and led by students from a particular course or subject area. They can carry out many activities. 

Some of the key ones are: 

  • Learning more about your subject outside of your course, for example through discussion events on topics not covered by your modules, or events with external speakers 

  • Networking with LSBU alumni or external speakers, as well as events which focus on your professional development. 

  • Course-based societies can also be an important opportunity to get support from other people on your course. They might run welfare events or other fun social activities. 

  • They’re a great way to meet people who aren’t in your year or who are taking different modules from you.

The Students’ Union supports academic societies in many ways. We provide funding, and help you with publicity to reach out to more students and grow your society. If you become a committee member, you’ll get advice and support from our staff and elected officers on anything you need. Forming an academic society also offers a great opportunity to collaborate with other societies, the SU and the wider University. 

Reasons to start a course-based society

Course-based societies have a wide range of benefits.

  • They can provide a great social opportunity to make friends with other people on your course. 
  • Being a member of a society can be really useful in helping you find work/life balance, and in widening your knowledge about your subject. 
  • They can increase your employability. As a member, you will be able to demonstrate many skills to potential employers such as time management, and a committed interest in your field. 
  • By being a committee member, there are even more skills you could build such as leadership, teamwork, events planning, organisation and communication. Involvement with an academic society has the potential to really enhance your CV for the future. 

How do I start a course-based society? 

  • First, check that there isn’t already a society for your course - you can search the directory by going to the ‘Your Opportunities’ section of our website. 
  • If there isn't a society for your subject, fill out the form below
  • The Student Engagement Coordinator will then get back to you with details of how to set the society up and attract your first members - it couldn’t be easier! 

If you have any other questions about course-based societies, you can contact Priya Bryant, the Engagement Coordinator, at priya@southbank.su

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