Setting Up A New Sports Club

LSBSU has around 20 student Sports Clubs, however if you can’t find one you like, you can easily start your own. In order to get approved your club must meet the following criteria:

  • All new Club core activities must not overlap with an existing LSBSU Sports Club.
  • All new clubs must be open and accessible to all students of London South Bank University.
  • All new clubs must have the potential to attract a minimum number of members. The default minimum membership number is10, however this may increase with the needs of each sport. For example Football requires 11 players plus 3 substitutes for a full team so the minimum membership number is 14.
  • All new club activities must not conflict with the constitution of LSBSU, its' values, bylaws or Articles of Association. Furthermore, it must not conflict with any values, rules or regulations of LSBU.
  • All new clubs must be practical for LSBSU to support the club and its' activities.

Does your club meet the criteria? If so, apply by completing the New Club Application Form and return it to Once we've checked that you fit with the above criteria, we'll contact you to discuss the next steps.

Development Fund: How Do I Apply?

The Development Fund is available exclusively to new Sports Clubs. New clubs can apply for a grant to help trial their activities and to help establish themselves in the LSBU community. If your application is successful, you can use the grant for new equipment, facility hire or any other costs incurred in putting on your activity. Specific financial amounts will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with a maximum allowance of £1000. 

Your written application will need to demonstrate and contribute to the aims of LSBU and LSBSU. Acceptable aims include:

  • Bringing students together in sociable activities that add value to the LSBU community.
  • Increasing the opportunities and recognition for skill development at LSBU.
  • Making LSBU Sport more visible so that students can benefit from what is on offer.

Applications are accepted at any point throughout the year and will be discussed by the Sports Forum at their monthly meeting.

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