Societies are the largest extracurricular group, with over 85 active Societies, each with varying numbers of members from as few as 10 to as many as over 100, with numbers constantly increasing. Societies are groups of students who come together because of a common interest and they hold events, socials, talks and trips based on this interest.

The interests can be based on culture, academia, hobbies or activities and there are already a variety of societies ranging from First Aid to Gaming. All of our Societies are run by students for students. Check out the Societies A-Z to find the Society for you.

Make Your Own Society

Can't find a society that you want to be a part of? Make one! It is one of the easiest things to do and we can help you with every step. Just go over to the Start Your Own Society page and create something that you want.


Most graduates say that they meet their main circle of friends through extracurricular activities. Getting involved with societies at LSBU opens the door to some of the best times of your life!

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