What is the Schools Championship?

The schools championship is a competition between the seven Southbank schools, where each school is invited to select champions for different types of event. The Championship consists of three challenges throughout the year that members of each school can compete in, in order to win points and ultimately be declared the best school in Southbank. As well as this prestigious title the winning school will also receive The Schools Championship Cup!  Each event has 1500 points up for grabs with additional prizes to be won throughout the events.
Every event is unique and staff and students will need to compete alongside one another in order to secure points for their school. The first event was the Gameshow Quiz in December and the second will be a fundraising challenge where champions can compete to raise money for charities of their choice!
The schools championship is the ultimate test of physical ability, mental agility and determination. Will your school be victorious?
Event 3 sign up is now open
Put your name down to be part of the team represneting your school. The final theme is a games/sports day on the 4th May followed by the awards evening where one school will be crowned the schools champion. 
Results table 2016-17
  Pub Quiz Fundraising Third Event
School of Built Environment & Architecture 500 500 0
Applied Sciences 400 400 0
Health & Social Care 300 0 0
Arts & Creative Industries 100 0 0
School of Business 100 0 0
Enineering  100 0 0
Law & Social Sciences 0 0 0


 1st Place - 1000points   2nd Place - 800points
 3rd Place - 300points  4th Place - 100points
4th Place - 100points  4th Place - 100points
 7th Place - 0points