Raise & Give

What is RAG?
RAG is a team dedicated to creating fun, unusual and sometimes unexpected ways of raising money - all in the name of charity. Other than raising this money, RAG gives its members the chance to develop leadership, interpersonal, communication and organisation skills - and that’s just naming a few.
RAG is student-led and puts its organisers in the driving seat, allowing you to take on roles such as project manager, communications officer and treasurer. Being part of the Raise & Give team gives you the chance to plan and run events, improve your skills and knowledge and raise money for a charity that you think is important.
To keep up to date with RAG and what we're up to you can head to the Facebook page here.

Fundraising Accumulator

  • Academic year 2013/14 - £1461

  • Academic year 2014/15 - £6631

  • Academic year 2015/16 - £5330

  • Academic year 2016/17 - £1179

Who We Support
For the academic year 2015/16 RAG is choosing brand new charities to support and fundraise for. As we'll be working with you, the students, to do the fundraising we want to put the decision making in your hands. We're currently counting up the votes you submitted and will be announcing this years charities soon.