Let’s begin in introducing RAG

RAG stands for raising and giving. Here at LSBSU, we have an entire team dedicated to creating fun, unusual and sometimes unexpected ways of raising money - all in the name of charity. Other than raising this money, RAG gives its members the chance to develop leadership, communication, organisational and interpersonal skills - just to name a few. 

RAG is student-led and puts its members in the driving seat, allowing you to take on roles such as social media and marketing officer, administrator and event coordinators. Being part of the RAG team gives you the chance to plan and run events, improve your skills, make friends for life, take part in opportunities you never thought you would and on top of all that raise money for charities that need it.

To keep up to date with RAG and what we're up to you can head to the Facebook page here.
Have an idea or event you want to put on? Let us know! Email rag.chair@lsbsu.org or kat@lsbsu.org


Fundraising Accumulator

  • Academic year 2013/14 - £1461

  • Academic year 2014/15 - £6631

  • Academic year 2015/16 - £5330

  • Academic year 2016/17 - £1179

How much have we raised?

This year, our RAG aim is to raise £20,000 for charities.

Yes, you read right, £20,000 big ones! Why you may ask. Well, I added all the previous year's totals together and it came to £14,601. I thought why not set a challenge ourselves and round it up, which is when I reached the new £20,000 target. We have an amazing RAG committee this year, that will work day and night to hit this target, and put LSBU on the map in terms of charities. 

Be a part of the RAG Committee and make a difference

The RAG Committee is a body that works with the Students’ Union's VP Activities and Employability in voicing the thoughts and opinions of those involved in our fundraising projects. The committee provides feedback and ideas to make RAG and it’s event bigger and better.
The RAG Committee is comprised of the following positions:
RAG Chair: Julieta Ose
The chair is responsible for representation on everything related to RAG. It is their role to attend all Union Council meetings and provide reports on the development of RAG. The RAG Chair will provide feedback to RAG members from Union Council meetings. They need to attend and chair all monthly RAG meetings. The RAG Chair will be in charge of providing monthly content for iBank Student Media. Final decisions where RAG is involved will fall down to the RAG Chair. 
Social Media and Marketing Officer: Vacant
The social media and marketing officer is responsible for all content on social media, mail outs and newsletters. As well as promoting, posting, monitoring on all social media like Facebook. Their role includes replying back to social media comments, hashtags and tags. Plus coming up with new and innovative ways to fundraise using technology. The social media and marketing officer will be working closely with our in house marketing team throughout the year, gaining vital experience for future employers. The key responsibilities are to promote events, answer posts, upload news/photography, design logos, posters and posts.  
Administrator officer: Vacant 
The administrator is they key committee member who helps support and develop members of RAG as well as administrative support. They will work closely with our activities team throughout the year on financial affairs, training and risk assessments. Their key roles include, booking venues/guests/rooms, monitoring budgets, training and developing members, organising dates for events, and completing risk assessments. 
Event Coordinators: Vacant
There will be several positions available for event coordinators. Each coordinator will have a specific charity to fundraise for. The coordinator will concentrate on raising membership for their project, organise and  host events, and lead the team. 
It’s the start of the year again and that means we're currently looking for students to fill positions in our RAG Committee.  To apply for these please contact the Rag chair on rag.chair@lsbsu.org or kat@lsbsu.org 

Who we support

Students nominating a charity

For the academic year 2017/18, RAG is choosing brand new charities to support and fundraise for. Currently we are receiving nominations, to select three charities, one international, one national and one local for RAG to raise money for this year.  As students will be doing the fundraising and taking part in events, therefore we want to put the decision in your hands!
Fill out the form here: Student Charity Nomination Form

***To nominate a charity, please submit your completed application by 6pm Sunday the 10th of September 2017.***

Charities nominating themselves

If you are a charity please fill out this form - Charity Application Form.
 All Charities should expect to receive confirmation of shortlisting by 12th of September 2017, good luck. When we have the results of the vote, you will be notified by email *if* your application has been successful. We cannot guarantee email notification if you have not been successful.

Next steps after nominations...

The RAG Team will be sitting down after the 11th of September 2017 and decide which charities will be shortlisted finalists, based on nominations. These shortlisted finalists will then be voted on by students during Freshers Fair on the 20th and 21st of September 2017. Once all the votes have been counted and tallied we will send an email notifying you of the charities chosen.
****If your nominated charity wins we will be in contact with prizes and want to speak to you on iBank Media, discussing why you are passionate about this charity.****

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