The Halls Cup sees the University's four Halls, McLaren, Dante Road, David Bomberg and New Kent, face off against each other in a range of challenges. The Hall you're in is more than where you sleep - it's your home and a place where you will make friends that you will keep for life. Why not take pride in your Halls and represent them in the Halls Cup?

The Halls Cup is heading into its second year and will see a number of teams from each Hall pit themselves against one another to win individual and Halls-wide prizes. The activities are varied from pub quizzes and dodgeball to volunteering and fundraising, and the great thing is you can do as much or as little as you want.

For every activity you do partake in you will gain points, which will be counted up at the end of the year and used to crown the second ever Halls Champions. It's a chance to represent your Halls, win prizes, meet new people and have a bit fun. Check out last year's activities here for a taste of what you'll be getting up to, and see how well the Halls fared last year.

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