The Roles


All Sports Clubs and Societies at LSBSU have standard roles these are President, Treasurer and Secretary. Some clubs & societies have additional roles to support thier group. Below is some more information about the standard committee roles.


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  • Organise and oversee the Committee.

  • Chair Committee meetings.

  • Attend the Forum each month.

  • Produce an End of Year Report for the VP Activities.

  • Should ensure governance falls within LSBU and LSBSU guidelines

  • Ensure all members are treated fairly and equally and there is no discrimination within the group. Help settle group conflicts and be willing to confront and hold teammates accountable for their behaviours

  • Be held to account for ALL members behaviour when representing the student group.


  • Maintain an up to date membership record.

  • To produce agenda documents for Committee Meetings.

  • Maintain communication with members through a variety of different mediums e.g. social media, emails.

  • To maintain a record of all meetings and attendance.

  • Complete all relevant room booking documents and Health and Safety Risk Assessments.

  • Manages Student Group email account

  • Make travel arrangements for all fixtures/ competitions/ events/ conferences and ensure all members know where and when to meet.


  • Be responsible for the groups Finances (includes Membership,Claims, Advance Requests, Budgeting etc).

  • Submit all financial requests within time frame to the Activities Team.

  • Keep an up to date track of the groups account Budget.

  • Follow all financial regulations as laid down by LSBU and the Students’ Union

  • Pay match officials on match days and ensure they sign the receipt to claim the money back

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses must be approved in advance.

  • Responsible for return of receipts for expenses and must inform other members of the group of procedures to follow if buying goods on behalf of the student group

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