School Reps

A School Representative (School Rep for short) is much like a Course Rep but they're responsible for representing one of the seven schools. They will work as a member of the LSBU Academic Representation Network and will use their time to make sure the student voice is heard and considered within the University. This is a voluntary role with a bursary and will run from 2nd November 2015.

What do School Reps do?

  • To represent the views of students in their School, and to other students, the Union, the University and other partner organisations;
  • To provide a student perspective on issues discussed by these committees;
  • To communicate changes and decisions at School level to Course Reps and other students in the School;
  • To communicate with the London South Bank Students’ Union and the University regarding School issues.

What are School Reps responsible for?

  • To attend training provided by the Students’ Union;
  • To gather proactively the views of students in their School through liaison with course-level student representatives including those at franchised colleges;
  • To ensure the inclusion of views from international, mature and part-time students;
  • To liaise with relevant School staff regarding student issues;
  • To regularly attend School Board, or equivalent meetings, and raise appropriate student issues on behalf of fellow students;
  • To feedback discussion and decisions to students in the School in an appropriate way;
  • To communicate issues raised within the School and the outcomes of discussions at School meetings to the Students’ Union;
  • To provide feedback on School issues to the Student Council meeting
  • To assist the University and the Union in the promotion of the National Student Survey (NSS), Excellence in Education Award (EiEA) and with preparations for the QAA
  • Institutional Review process by helping to write the Student Submission (SS) and other visits from external bodies relevant to the School (when appropriate) and any other relevant activities relating to student feedback.

How can I apply to be a School Rep?

If you're interested in becoming a School Rep then check out the full roll description and apply via the application here

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