What is PICNIC?

PICNIC is an exchange between us and a range of universities from across the UK. You can see them all here. PICNIC is new and growing so there will be new universities added year on year. PICNIC offers students the chance to go to another university from 1 to 7 days to experience another university. You could want to go and see how your course works somewhere else, learn how a Students' Union does things elsewhere or head to a university with a specific research project in mind. It's up to you!

What would I get up to?

Well, the PICNIC partner universities have agreed to allow students access to staff, students and departments to help share learning and understanding from institution to institution and bring new ideas back. The exchange would be guided by what you are interested in understanding/experiencing and what the "host" university can arrange. Check out what a student from Swansea got up to in Newcastle here.

But can I go?

Any student who puts forward a good application will be considered for a PICNIC exchange.

How much does it cost?

PICNIC costs you nothing, it's on us!


If you have any other questions email repsco@lsbsu.org

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